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Weapon Master for Terraria

Weapon Mastery for Terraria delivers tons of useful information, attributes, hints, advice and data on every weapon in Terraria.
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Instead of just displaying static data, Weapon Mastery for Terraria allows users to select two different weapons and easily compare vital attributes!

Which weapon is faster? Which costs more? How does the Knockback of a Flamethrower compare to an Aqua Scepter? Many variations can be created, all using a fast and slick interface.


- Over 100 Weapons Fully Detailed
- Color Indicators for Better Value Comparisons
- Damage Attributes
- Knockback Attributes
- Max Stacks
- Velocity
- Use Time
- Purchase Cost
- Sell Value
- Consumable Weapons
- Explosives
- Flails
- Spears
- Bows & Repeaters
- Boomerangs
- Guns
- Magic Weapons
- Melee Weapons
- Animated Backgrounds
- Music On/Off


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