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The ultimate collection of useful DM/GM tools for your tabletop game is now at your fingertips, offering an amazing amount of content that will enhance your play sessions, speed up play, and keep your players on their toes.
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The Ultimate collection includes:

The Wizard Tower: 15 Categories of Wizard Tower Creation

Cities & Towns Creation: Includes Wandering beggars, tavern occupants, inn residents, wanted Dead or Alive, Odd Jobs, Strangers, City Entry and tons more.

Variable Campaign Settings, including Dead Gods, Ancient Empires, Emergencies, Curses and more.

Dragon Creator, including demands, threats, psyche, horde items, weaknesses and more.

Dungeon Creation, including Security, Torture Rooms, Equipment, Pantry Items, Garbage, Unexpected Guests and tons more.

NPC Creation, including Weird Ones, Necromancers, Wandering Idiots, Assassins, Farmers, Vampires, Personality Quirks and more.

Treasure Creation, including Unusual Potions, Missing Ingredients, Cursed Items, Helms, Weapons, Desk Contents and tons more.

Wilderness Creation, including Weird Waters, Strange Gardens, Features, Plants, Lights, Screams and more.

The Magic Store: Magic Store Inventory, including Armor, Weapons, Holy Symbols, Ki, Orbs, Rods, Staffs, Books, Wands, and more.

Random NPC Creator, including eye color, Level, Class, Sanity, Complexion, Weight, Possessions, and more.

DM Screen, including every important chart, including EXP, Damage, Food, Lighting, Combat Actions, Conditions and more.

Dice Rolls for D4 thru D20. Need to roll 7D20? No problem!

The Ultimate RPG collection is suitable for any fantasy -bases RPG game, including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.


A Good Start

Let me start off by saying that this app has the potential to be great. All of the framework is there. However, there are huge problems that need to be addressed. It has a wide variety of random generators, which are incredibly helpful while improvising in a session, or while planning. However, each generator seems to only have like 5 possible entries. This needs to be drastically increased. The DM Screen tool could easily be the most useful part of this App, but right now, it's not. It's for D&D 4e, which is good because it's what I play. However, the information is outdated, and some of the sections for the DM screen plain just don't work. The DM screen should have AT LEAST all of the information which is on the physical DM Screen by Wizards of the Coast, if not MORE. Stuff like the level specific checks are necessary. Also, some charts are incomplete such as e experience one. Although it seems like this company doesn't really update most of its apps, I really hope they do for this one. It really has potential, but for now I can't recommend a purchase.

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