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Fonta - Little Design Studio is paid iOS app published by ThirtyFive Inc.

Better off using Canva

stella Stellz

It's tedious and not very intuitive. They also need an update since Instagram now allows for photos that aren't square.

I ❤️ this app

Glenda Marisela

Best app ever, easy to use... And iis FREE!!! Thanks

Amazing and fun


What a great find! So many ways to have fun with photos.


gia ?

Horrible controls & user interface.. frustrating & annoying only to produce a worthless export which included NONE of the text or other edits i spent 20 mins applying -delete.

Good thing it was free!


This app is a piece of crap! I crashed it within 4 minutes of installing and can make it crash upon command: open the app, slide the fill colour bar all the way to the right (go for the colour black) and watch it go bye-bye!! Was very difficult to use at first, as the icons always seems to blend into the picture I'm working on. The pinch-zoom for font size is ok, but not intuitive; when an app is so confusing that you have to put Vimeo videos up to explain it rather than a simple, on-device manual...well, that's a red flag there, too...looked promising, but was a big let down...



It's really deserve 5 stars




Amazing app


I've downloaded it just now but it wondered me; It's Amazing and I remove other write app right after use this great app. Thank You for time you spend on this app …

Not intuitive. Bugs


First off, there's a bug when you flip the image horizontally and put text. The text will show on the background the original image. The whole interaction is just not intuitive and while you can play around to get the gist of it I got bored. Cannot like that final export format is square and low resolution. Lots to improve. Got it for free, now you have my feedback as a payback.

It is beautiful but ....

Aziz izol

But we need it for iPad please please please please thanks a lot