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Fonta - Little Design Studio is paid iOS app published by ThirtyFive Inc.

Needs Higher Export Size


Love the app, but it needs a higher export size. My original photo was 1535X1535 and after using Fonta it went down to 640X640, which shrunk it down over half the original size. You can see the pixelation sometimes. I'll give the app 5 stars after they increase the output size. ??⭐️????

Not too intuitive, bugs


This app's main claim to fame is the ability to put part of the text "behind" part of the photo. As in many apps with a virtual keyboard, the keyboard pops up when you start typing and blocks your view of what you're trying to edit. Also, not so intuitive. This is not one of those apps you can just pick up and automatically know how to use. Worse, when you try to use a photo from your photo library, all it shows is blank thumbnails.


خالد الغواص

Amazing ??

Promising, but poorly executed


I've used quite a few apps similar to this, so I'm somewhat familiar with the editing process. This app, however, is so confusing and convoluted. It's almost impossible to figure out how to use it, and the tutorial videos aren't very helpful at all. Even just playing around with it, I end up doing something and then having no idea how I got into that menu to be able to recreate the action on another project. I got bored with trying to figure out how to use it, and I'll just be deleting it. There are a lot more user friendly apps that can do the same thing out there, and they are much more intuitive and way easier to navigate. This app has a lot of potential, but it's going to need a complete overhaul before it is successful as a design app.



Es espectacular no dejes de usarlo



Can't see my camera roll pics and won't let me edit anything.


Wannatan J.

good ดีงามค่ะ

Best ever!!!!!!!!!!


Fast easy and sexy

Square crop NOOOO


It's been about a year since Instagram changed from square-crop-only to allowing 5:4 ratio. When ya gonna jump on that wagon, Fonta? Please?

This is a 2nd time trying this app!


Tried a year or so ago and deleted! Tried again and read reviews! Why has the beautiful app not have any updates to make it more user friendly? If you care about your reviews and make updates! You did great the 1st year or so then stopped! UPDATE PLEASE!