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Fonta - Little Design Studio is paid iOS app published by ThirtyFive Inc.

Higher Quality Photos?


Would love to see higher quality photos output and optimized for the iPhone 6's.



Could be a awesome app, but it will not let me save a photo to my gallery, keeps saying error every time I send it as a text or email, so not being able to save or share the picture, I feel like it was wasted time.

Fun app, but...


... It only saves at very low resolution. The app badly needs an option to save at full resolution. I also agree that the limitation to a square format is annoying. And, finally, a simple undo/redo would be nice.

Difficult to Use


Very non-intuitive UI. Sorry, but if I can't figure it out in a minute or two, it's back to Over for me.

Promising, but tedious...


This app is everything you'd want from a true photo editor, when it comes to features, but it's executed poorly. I'm a graphic designer and sometimes I just wanna do some work with layers or erase part of a photo I took and add elements on top. This app is too busy with a horribly counter intuitive menu. If you type text it then has text on top of text and it's difficult to edit each element without screwing up something you already did. They need to update this and redo their whole menu so it's simple: give it like 5 layers, background, text, borders, masks etc and make it so you can at anytime simply edit the layer you make active.


Houseslave 10

Love it!!!

No update


I love fonta But have no update yet Specially when try select a photo , the screen like on caveman screen not iPhone 6plus or ios8 Fix it pls

Best app for adding texts to photo


It's the best app for adding texts to photos. Many options. But it eats the CPU!


saeid tavousi


I love it!

Racah racha

This is my new favorite photo editing so! I love it!