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Enjoy a featured flight simulator on the palm of your hands. Easy Flight offers a realistic flight experiences by the most outstanding physics and aerodynamics. You can fly, landing and take-off on the selected 19 expansive terrains. We offer a free play mode and a mission mode. There are 50 missions including various situations in the mission mode. You can check your status on the world leaderboard. We offer a lot of rankings on every mission, every model in a mission, and overall.
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Games Free TRADEGAME Lab Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

Improve your skills with our advanced scoring system, camera modes and replay system.

Caution :
Easy Flight supports iPhone 5S and later models, and iPad Air 1 and later models. The terrain cannot be displayed properly on old models.

Features :
- Realistic and convenient control with gyro sensor
- Selected 19 expansive terrains including airport worldwide
- Basic 3 jet plane models and additional 8 models
- 50 missions including various situations including take-off and landing
- Detailed scoring system in each mission
- Free flight mode with climate control
- Advanced replay system
- Support several camera modes and camera rotation
- Instruments mode and HUD mode
- Intuitive and simple UI
- Leaderboards on each mission and each aircraft model

Feel free to contact us.
- [email protected]
- https://www.facebook.com/TRADEGAMELAB

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Needs improvement
Gameboi 12

Make buildings look realistic, not like gray blocks. Make the wheels of all planes movable or dynamic. Make it possible to land outside of runways. Add more free planes like an embraer 170 and a Learjet 60, 70, 75. Do you guys even pay attention to our reviews!? I also found out this game is really boring

Nice simulator

It's pretty simple. For all you stupid people out there, you have to turn off the brakes to take off. I honestly don't have a problem with stalling. The first missions should be easier though.

Out of area?

Enjoy the app. One major complaint. “Mission failed, out of area is B.S.! You have a timer! What’s the problem? Most of the time when “out of area” comes up I’m turning into final approach. Get rid of it!!!

angel the budgie

So hard I hate tilt controls wish you can decide between tilt or not If you turn you go all the way Hard to control

Great game, but....

Oke, it’s really not “easy” and wen you finally reach 600, your airplane is pointed the wrong direction. Also, I wish I didn’t have to just use the same airplanes over and over and over.. I really like it though. It’s very realistic and fun. Sometimes I even play it for 30mins a day! Mabby it could make sense if the title was different, like.. AirTrafic, or Flight Simulator. Other wise, great game!

Its the best
layne's key

I played it 1 hour and it does not need improvement

Restore Purchase

Cannot restore purchase why?

Lots of fun, good as rortos

Fun when you need to grab a quick, not that serious, not that simple, flight game.

Needs improvement
Gameboi 12

This game needs some total enhancements. For example, the buildings look like gray blocks and the wheels of the planes are static meaning there not movable

Needs improvement
Gameboi 12

Can you enhance the graphics and features of the planes? For example, the buildings look like gray blocks and the wheels of the planes are frozen in place.

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