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DO Note is a personalized notepad for the notes you take most frequently.
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Save time by connecting DO Note to Evernote, Google Drive, Gmail, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Dropbox, Slack, Google Calendar, Pushbullet, and hundreds more apps and devices you use everyday.

Add the DO Note widget to your notification center for lightning fast notes!

Popular ways to use DO Note:

+ Create an event on Google Calendar
+ Save short notes on the fly with Evernote
+ Post status updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Tumblr
+ Set the temperature on your Nest Thermostat
+ Add to a shopping list on Google Drive or Evernote
+ Keep a list of potential recruiting leads in Dropbox
+ Make a packing list on Google Drive
+ Send a message to a Slack room
+ Add new tasks to Todoist
+ Thousands more Recipes!

More apps you can connect with DO Note:

Nest Thermostat, Philips Hue, OneNote, Blogger, WordPress, LinkedIn, Github, Buffer, Slack, GroupMe, Reddit, Sina Weibo, Todoist, Toodledo, and over 180 more apps and devices.

What people are saying:

“The suite is called DO, and it represents a fundamental rethinking of not just IFTTT, but the very way apps work on our phones.” —BuzzFeed

“It’s a more dynamic notepad, where you can send one line to a particular to-do file in Evernote, and another to Twitter, and another to a Google Calendar to create an event.” —TechCrunch

“DO Note does things with snippets of text you jot, such as posting them to Tumblr, logging your weight in Fitbit's app, or creating a grocery list in Google Drive.” —Fast Company

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—The IFTTT Team



This is the best way to capture ideas without distraction. I use it to populate a Trello board.


This thing is amazing. It helps me remember things with a quick note and sends to my email which I look at religiously. Curious always why I didn't think of this!


Super useful!

Does what is says, easily!

I can just type in a reminder or even dictate it with Siri and boom, it's saved to my Todoist inbox to process later. Great for GTD emptying my mind.

It's the best way to take notes on Evernote

Whenever I have a quick thought, I would get frustrated at how long it would take to create a new note for Evernote using my iPhone. This app changes that. Love it.


Instructions are poor, utility of app does little to nothing. Good thing it is free - that is all this app is worth. Creators need a new career. Cause this ain't working.

Great App

I love Do Note but it's missing one, important channel: workflowy. Why isn't there workflowy integration!

Channel Activation Stinks

I can't activate any channels. Please fix.

LOVE this app
Novelty Item

I'm really trying to lower the number of apps I use and rely heavily on Toodledo. I use DO at least 10 times a day to add notes and tasks on the fly... I just created a *DO folder in Toodledo and go through that occasionally to add any additional detail l. Now I just need to find a calendar app to link DO to.

Great for On-the-Go!!

I have DO set up for three tasks so far and plan to add a couple. I can scribble a calendar item (adds auto to my Google cal which displays on Apple cal), scribble a note to dump into Evernote for later clean-up, or scribble a note that sends me an e-mail. I need to create DO recipes that generate an iOS reminder and an iOS Contact. Launch DO from the iPhone instead of searching for dates on your Calendar, waiting on Notebooks to open in Evernote, looking for the Reminders app or fumbling through Contacts. Clean-up on the iPad later. Perfect for me!! Notes: Before installing, look through the channels and think of uses you might have. If you are having trouble with connections, you must check your Safari 'cookie' settings even on iOS.

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