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DO Camera connects hundreds of apps and devices to your camera for unparalleled personalization. Customize your photos with filters, messages, drawing, and even emoji!
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Create your own camera by connecting DO Camera to Facebook, Twitter, Google Drive, Tumblr, Flickr, Evernote, Slack, and hundreds more apps and devices you use everyday.

Add the DO Camera widget to your notification center for lightning fast photography!

Popular ways to use DO Camera:

+ Snap a picture and place emoticons on it to share
+ Post photos to a vacation album on Facebook
+ Catalog receipts on Evernote
+ Post a picture on Twitter with one tap of a button
+ Save pictures of decorating ideas to a Dropbox folder
+ Post pictures of your city on Tumblr
+ Save photos of things you want to buy to Google Drive
+ Send a picture to a Slack room
+ Thousands more Recipes!

More apps you can connect with DO Camera:

Dropbox, Gmail, WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, LinkedIn, Reddit, GroupMe, Life360, Facebook Pages, OneDrive, Pushbullet, UP by Jawbone, Philips Hue, and over 190 more apps and devices.

What people are saying:

“DO Camera is a camera app that can do a job each time you snap a picture - such as uploading it to Flickr, printing it on an HP printer, or updating your Twitter profile picture.” —Fast Company

“The suite is called DO, and it represents a fundamental rethinking of not just IFTTT, but the very way apps work on our phones.” —BuzzFeed

“DO Camera takes it another step further by focusing specifically on one of the most-used features of smartphones - taking pictures. In its first version, this is basically One More Photo App for your smartphone, but with a twist: it lets you create actions for where you might like to share pictures.” —TechCrunch

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—The IFTTT Team


great, but room for improvement

as a first iteration, this is a great extension to the IFTTT idea. What was disappointing for me is that photos are stripped of their Geo tags. I'd also like to seeing more quality control settings.

Simple and smart

I travel every week and depend on Evernote for capturing business card to info, receipts, and just about everything else on paper that I want to keep. This app is extremely useful for taking out the several extra steps to get into Evernote (wait for it to boot up, then press several buttons). All I need to do is open this app and take a picture. While it does not seem like much, when I am running with my hair on fire between terminals and meetings, it really does make a difference. I would like to see them put the business card and document capability in this app like there is in Evernote. I use the document setting in Evernote to capture my receipts quickly and it gets ride of all of the background noise. Still a 5 star because I just need to have it work and work quickly. More recipes would be nice, but not a show stopper. Great work!


Útil y rápida

Only Three Recipes Max?

Useless if I can only add three Recipes. What are you thinking. Sorry. Delete App.

Incredibly helpful app!

Awesome app!! Reminds me of Launch Center Pro but easier! They should make it possible to have more than 3 recipes. If not for free, then for an in-app purchase.

Awesome if it worked

But it doesn't. Can't even save an image to Evernote using recipe default settings. Lame.

Photos saved to ifttt servers by default

Every photo taken thru this app gets saved to servers owned by ifttt. These photos all have a public URL. Big privacy issue. You must go in to each photo online to remove the public link. There is no obvious way to ensure that photos taken thru this app are deleted from ifttt servers.


I like this

My new favorite app

Ok, so it needs to allow more recipes, but it's a great app. I use it every day. Love it!!!

Love it!
Darus Watson

Saves me the extra steps of emailing picture to myself.