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Manage the world best cruise line company on your hands!
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Traditional business management simulation game - 'Cruise Tycoon'

Multi-language supported : English, Française, Deutsch, Español, 日本語, and 한국어.

A dedicated iPad version 'Cruise Tycoon HD' is also available now.

Cruise Tycoon ranked the #1 Role Playing game in UK, Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand, Swiss and Finland. Thank you for your great supports.

* Gameplay
Once you start a game, you will begin to operate your new company with a small cruise ship. After you create a new cruise route and set up the sailing schedule, your ship starts to be operated. As your company is grown, you can buy new ships, employ a new captain. Also you must listen to the needs of employees.
To open new routes, you should build up a new hub on other port. To earn more profit, you can discover a new shore excursion on your port of calls.
As the ship operated, you must proceed the service training of employees, and the periodic ship maintenance. You can adjust the level of food on board to increase the customer satisfaction, and also you can do advertising and promotion to get more guests.

- Beautiful 16 cruise ship models
- Real 100 harbors world-wide
- Ability to create your own cruise line and sailing schedule for each ship
- Development of unique shore excursions on each ports
- Various controls for the management


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Took me awhile to figure stuff out... But I'm getting it! Click the question marks for tips! Love it!

Great game but short time limit

It's so fun! Time passes quickly in the game. You only get 22 simulated months in the game. The Tutorial isn't much help. Listen to it anyway. Those are the two downfalls of this lite version. Actually, there's another one. The map is bad. For your lines, they go in a curved line right to the destination. I had a Bahamas one from Tampa and the ship went right over Florida. The map needs to be like a globe and should be more accurate like a satellite. I saw the Chesapeake Bay and there is barely any bay. They should add more ports like Baltimore, Newport News, Hampton and Rio de Janeiro. They could add Las Angeles too.

Time flies!

This game is deceivingly addictive. Like what has been said before, more ports and better/clearer/more accurate map would be nice. I'd like to buy the full version if the price were $0.99 instead and the alleged bugs were fixed. This lite version is great for now though.


Fairly boring and clunky

Thumbs up!

If your interested in a management simulation game then this a great pick.

Love it!

I love this game and, if it was cheaper, I would buy the full version. I wish you were able to go to the panama canal and I wish it could have cruise ships that can sail for longer than fourteen days.

Like it

Very good game play it everywhere


Boring with very clunky interface and graphics. And how do you turn off that awful music??? 2 stars only because I liked Air Tycoon 1.

Sara Meyer

Pls do this for the kindle fire I love this game I have to use my moms iPod to play this and it very great

Addicting and Realistic!!!!!

This game is absolutely amazing and I can't stop playing! Everything on board your vessels can be customized, like amenities, colors, names and staterooms. However, the routes should NOT go through land... Besides that, everything is perfect!