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Chaos Control™: GTD Task List is free iOS app published by Dmitriy Tarasov

Is Anybody Listening???


I am highly disappointed that the developers have STILL failed to deliver manual sorting in what could otherwise be a promising app. They say they want feedback, and after two separate requests for this basic, simple function--one after the first release & one just recently--they have replied with promise but have not delivered. I don't like to leave negative reviews, but here you are, guys: 2 stars. I'd just like to ask everyone: do your lists really work if they can't be rearranged? Do all your thoughts come out naturally in the order that works for you? Does nothing in your life ever upset your plans or change the order in which you do things? If so, then this app might be okay for you. For the rest of us, there are better apps out there. As far as the GTD aspect of this app, David Allen is cringing. I'm finished with trying to get these developers to improve their app. I'm moving on.



Beautiful design, functional but simple to use. Great redesign, icon too. Just missing ability to email a task and project with all tasks. I'm dumping omni focus, Producteev , and a bunch others.

Exactly what I was looking for!


While I do have to agree with other reviewers that it will be nice to be able to manually sort the tasks, even without that feature I’m giving this a 5 star reviews simply because I find it the perfect balance between simplicity, power, and aesthetic design. GTD fans will find it intuitive and useful, and even those who aren’t into GTD methodology will find it easy to figure out and surprisingly useful. I also personally recommend the $4.99 in-app purchase to allow for synchronization, as I find I do most of my work in their web interface, then use the iOS app in meetings on my iPad, and also use the iOS app on my iPhone to add quick ideas or notes as the occur to me as I’m, say, standing in line at the grocery store.

Ok Task tracker but not good for GTD


This app has a nice clean interface but it doesn't really work for someone trying to implement David Allen's "Getting Things Done" approach. The app misses a few key items, some of which are very basic to GTD. There is no ability to track delegates, or Someday/Maybe. I'm disappointed because these guys do offer this multi-platform and I really have a need for that feature. I hope they continue to enhance this and truly turn it into a GTD app.



Отличное приложение



This software saved me when we bought a huge house that needed extensive renovations. I was able to organize and link people to projects. It would be amazing if it could have pictures linked to the various projects like an idea board it would also make sense for it to link to the calendar function on my ipad. Other than that it was fantastic. Looking forward to updates

Best GTD app ever


I've used all the app there is on productivity. This app is the absolute best !

Good system.


Chaos is a good systematic method for quickly creating a task, organizing when convenient, scheduling if desired and clearing when done. Love it.

Good, must make an English version


Hey, nice app - a first productivity app that I may actually use! BUT when I load it it's in Russian for some reason? Pls make it in English ASAP and u then I may even pay for a full version.

Great App


It does what it says it does. Combine this with Franklin Covey techniques and you can get a lot done.