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Chaos Control™: GTD Task List is free iOS app published by Dmitriy Tarasov

Great start!


This app is the newcomer and underdog in the GTD app community that shows lots of potential. My suggestion is give the ability to generate lists for review - there's no GTD without a weekly review. Secondly, fix calendar integration (currently crashes the app). Any GTD app needs to play friendly with all calendars. Keep at it, could be great!

Love It!!!


I've had this app for a couple of years and admittedly wasn't as organized or focused to really get any use out of it. Recently, I have needed to put my personal and business projects side by side so I could honor the importance of each growing simultaneously. I forgot all about this app until I tried Omnifocus, which is cool, but chaos control has a much more appealing layout and is less expensive than Omni, while maintaining just as much power, eb & flow. I'm excited about this app and highly recommend it to anyone who is really serious about turning their dreams into reality by creating daily, doable steps!!!

I am liking Chaos Control so far


I like the user interface of Chaos Control enough to have purchased the Premium version, which provides synchronization between devices, nested folders, a Web interface, and other perks. I've tried a number of task list apps for iOS. This one is well suited for those of us with poor eyesight, at least on my iPad Pro 12.9-inch. I also appreciate that this app works well both for serious task planning with Projects and due dates and recurrence (Premium) and for simple checklists. I set up synchronization between an iPad Pro, iPad mini, Mac, and iPhone, and this has worked as desired. I'm still using Chaos Control after a few months and half a dozen significant projects.

Decent, not amazing - but free


It’s free so I can’t complain. I think some of my tasks got dropped.

Great app


Perfect for time management.

Awesome simple task/time mgmt app


Rarely write reviews but this app has done wonders for me.. Its so simple to keep up with and so logical to organize stuff.. Great response from dev for suggestions,etc so i expect it to get better and better over time.. But it is my fave task app ive ever used on ios.

Outstanding but would like more functionality


This app is easy enough to use and does a good job for most projects and tasks. There are a few functions that could make it even better for a power user: 1) ability to add recurring events (or duplicate existing tasks but can change date), 2) priority flag to help sort daily tasks, and 3) exploding task sets when adding new project.

App doesn't let you type new tasks


The app is a great idea but for some reason it won't let me type in daily tasks but it will everything else. However without that feature it's pretty much useless...

Simple, elegant, effective to-do list app


If you want a to-do list that is easy to use and that actually helps you be productive, then try this app! It helps you organize your tasks into lists that can be organized by projects. In brain-storming mode and don't have time to sort things out? Just jot them down quickly and they can sit in the chaos box until you are ready to deal with them. Want effortless, daily to-do lists? The daily plan view helps you lists your tasks that are due today and updates them daily for you. In the paid version, you can take a sneak peak at next day's list view too. Make the most of your time by using the context feature so you can do things that coincide with a resource or location such as car, home office, etc. The interface is simple and very user intuitive. Would could be better? The ability to view tasks due by week or month and the ability to import tasks from excel or in another popular format to cut down on data entry. Looking forward to the next update to see what new features will be added. Overall a great app that gets you productive quickly.

Love it!


This is my first review, because I finally found an app that deserves my attention. I'm a connoisseur of todo apps, but this one takes the cake! It's a gear way to organize your todos in any way you please and has the best of all worlds: folders, projects/task lists, and a today and tomorrow list. And for you GTDers, contexts. Highly recommend...