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Chaos Control™: GTD Task List is free iOS app published by Dmitriy Tarasov

Use it for everything!


This is such a wonderful app. I use it for work stuff and family stuff. Love that I can make folders for future projects and put everything in as I think about it. Worth every penny.

Not much here...


Not much here you couldn't do in any database. I was expecting something special but this is pure-vanilla and not worth the $4.99 upgrade to premium. There is no connection to the outside world at all - only a proprietary cloud link to sync the program on other devices. GTD tools are non-existent. There is no calendar option and no way to enter notes.

If you want to get some peace, and get work done - buy this


Ok. I don't write reviews - but I had to this one. I have spent thousands on planners and organizers of every kind imaginable for years, in search of that ONE thing that would finally work; that would help in some way tame the wild monkeys that try to control my day. Including attending David Allen's day long seminars twice. (If you want a GTD ready app - this is). THIS IS IT !! Worth $499 to me - and I promise is worth at least $49.99 to you - so drop the $4.99 and try it - it is so worth it. This works seamlessly across my ipad, iphone and desktop (PC). Just remember to hit sync on the device you last updated info from before leaving. Here's how I use it (so far): (This will make more sense if you download and walk through it.) When something shows up in my world - I very quickly just drop it into the Chaos Box If it is something actionable and more than one step, and I have the time to create a project right then I do, if not, I've got it captured and I can turn my note into a project later. If it is a single step action, but I don't have the time or required tools to complete immediately, I go ahead and make a single step action entry if I have an extra sec. If not, again I've got it captured. So back to the first example - I've got an entry in my chaos box. Let's say I just remembered I need to create my 4th quarter marketing plan. So, I open my chaos box, click the entry I want to handle - and it opens showing: memo (any notes I need to clarify, etc), "PROJECT", "CONTEXT", start date (if any), due date (if any), repeat (can set days - repeat every day, two days..., weeks - pick which days to repeat i.e. Mondays and Fridays, or months - repeat every month etc), and export to calendar. So, since this is currently in my chaos box, that is the project listed. I click there and all of my projects pop up, I can choose one or create a new one. I created a new one - placed in my business folder and name it 4th quarter marketing - set the context as @office as the tools I need are there and done. Now from my home screen, I go to my projects list. Click on the business folder, the 4th quarter marketing plan - then click the "+" sign to add a task and I'm off. I can quickly brain storm all the tasks i'll need to complete this project and take the time reorder them later. I review all my projects at least weekly (some daily). Then if I know I need to take action on something today, I just edit the task, enter a due date of today, then it and all the tasks that I need to take action on today show up on my Daily Plan from the home screen. The only other thing I've found useful is Readdle's Calendar 5 - I put all time specific appts on there and Chaos Control exports well any tasks that are hard date specific to this calendar. The iOS calendar works ok too, I just like the look and feel of Readdle's. I didn't see the other review until I came here to post this, but the other reviewer said plain, vanilla... I disagree completely. This app is perfectly sophisticated enough to work, but simple enough to get things done - not waste time with all the distractions. If you want to include pics, location, voice memos, and sharing - get Evernote. If you want something to actually put order to your chaos, want to finally feel on top of what's going on in your world, and actually get some work done, come on. Just to be clear, I have no affiliation to this company at all, just a fellow time traveler who found something that works too good not to share. Enjoy : )

Best cross platform task manager


This is the best one if you want access to your tasks on any device.



Simple. No fuss. To the point. Time saver. Nice design. ..Love it!

Good interface, no backups.


The best interface for a gtd app - beats things and omnifocus. But. The lack of backups and wifi sync is a deal breaker.

Love it


Favorite to do list and I've tried five or six. Definitely helps control the chaos.

GTD apps? I think I've tried 'em all....


...and this one is the one I like best. I love that it synchs across all my devices, and uses some of the key features of GTD so easily, particularly being able to organize actions by context, as well as project. The Daily Plan view on my i-devices lets me see not just what is due today, but what is possible to do today. It was easy to set up my projects, and the app makes doing a mindsweep really simple. I love the "Chaos Box" idea, where I can toss things until I have time to come back and put them away properly. Two things would make this app categorically hands down the best one I've ever used: the fix to the computer-based Daily Plan to show other activities that are possible today, not just what's due today, and the ability to filter the Daily Plan by context, so that I can see just what I could be working on now, in my current context. But this is without a doubt the easiest and most complete GTD system I've used, and I've been trying them out ever since buying my Palm Pilot. I stopped looking when I loaded this one, and deleted the old ones. That speaks volumes.

At the moment nothing can be better!!

Top Katt

This works across the board with windows and Apple it's really the best. Never lose windows metro support.

Controls the chaos


Turned on Chaos Control this afternoon (after it was fine in the morning) to find that all of data has been lost on my iPad. This occurs at the same time the new release has come out... Ridiculous.