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Chaos Control™: GTD Task List is free iOS app published by Dmitriy Tarasov

Great App!


The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of an issue with cut, copy and pasting within the app. However, I reached out to Dmitriy and he is looking into it for me. He provided excellent customer service and the app does everything I need it to. It works very well! As soon as my little issue gets fixed, I’d like to come back and raise my review to 5 stars. I also plan on referring this app to friends and family. If you’re in the fence, get it. It’s worth it!

I am liking Chaos Control so far


I like the user interface of Chaos Control enough to have purchased the Premium version, which provides synchronization between devices, nested folders, a Web interface, and other perks. I've tried a number of task list apps for iOS. This one is well suited for those of us with poor eyesight, at least on my iPad Pro 12.9-inch. I also appreciate that this app works well both for serious task planning with Projects and due dates and recurrence (Premium) and for simple checklists. I set up synchronization between an iPad Pro, iPad mini, Mac, and iPhone, and this has worked as desired. I'm still using Chaos Control after a few months and half a dozen significant projects. Just reopened after a hiatus, and see it is now or will be a subscription app. This thing where paid apps go subscription . . . I’d what it is. Hard for developers to maintain an app that I paid for once, four years ago.

Not Organized


Not intuitive, or well organized, lots of overlapping project and task lists. Support doesn't respond. Oh and no way to export out without paying or copying/pasting lists via sharing through text message. It’d be nice if support responded but they didn't so I gave up.

Отлично, но


Сделайте пожалуйста возможность прикреплять файлы к задачами, например хотя бы фото из галереи пользователя. Бывают задачи которые проще выразить фотографией с коротким текстом, чем полностью описывать текстом все.

Trying new organizers


So far I am enjoying the simple design for planning projects and keeping track of tasks completed.

Close, very close


I loved the idea of a central drop (chaos box) for all the things I remembered during the day, but there’s no way to redistribute or move these items into the days plan? Maybe I’m not paying enough. But it seems a very strange feature.



Decent program but premium lifetime does not allow me to use my desktop to add stuff.

Great app


This app helps me organize my tasks.

Other than one thing this app is amazing!!

jackie chan ya

The subfolders is what makes this app better then a lot of apps!!!!!! Just wish they let you do different colors for different folders !!!

Finally! An app for the chronically disorganized!


What a relief! An app that’s easy to setup, simple to use, but with a powerhouse of features that give users a streamlined and accurate way to manage their business and personal lives with ease. As someone who struggles with severe ADHD I’ve tried Todoist, Evernote, Google Tasks, Trello, and probably a few more I can’t recall at this point. All of them were lacking in one way or another, often times requiring so much input to function that I spent more time managing the app then actually getting things done. Enter Chaos Control. Simply beautiful. Setup was a piece of cake and I found answers to my questions right in the app itself. No need to follow links to their website; all the info you need is right inside. And if you have an unusual question that their help doesn’t explain their support is unbelievably fast! My question was answered within an hour. And for me, that’s golden because any longer and I would have forgotten that I asked in the first place! ?. That is until I started using this little gem. The chaos box feature is such an asset and I’ve been able to note the many ideas that I have in a day so I don’t forget a thing. Then I can look them over again carefully and decide if they will help me achieve a goal or not. If yes then I assign them to a project or create a new project. If not I delete and move on. No more trying to remember that great idea I had at breakfast and stressing over it at dinner. The projects, folders and tasks are setup for maximum productivity. But the context tags? They are genius!!! Projects and tasks might be unrelated but might be similar in other ways; such as things that can only be done when at your computer, or to dos that require your bosses signature. That ability to tag those tasks makes sure NOTHING gets missed. I’m certain this app has nearly doubled my productivity (maybe even tripled since my productivity had slowed to a crawl lately). I’m all in with Chaos Control. Give it a try. It just might work for you too!