Buster Talks! Funny Insult and Comeback Generator Reviews

5/5 rating based on 50 reviews. Read all reviews for Buster Talks! Funny Insult and Comeback Generator for iPhone.
Buster Talks! Funny Insult and Comeback Generator is free iOS app published by Full Sea Productions, LLC

An insult app that talks!


Now the other insult apps seem quiet. Having the original insults told by the cartoon is funny.

Buster is my favorite cartoon now


I was playing busterball and then saw this app. I downloaded it so I can play with buster some more. He is always funny

Very funny

Sara the heaven

I had a good laugh with this app. Brightens up my day.



This app is hilarious. Great come backs and smart sayings.

so funny


its so funny game i like it too much

Good job

kats stevens

Love this app and can use it when I want to tell someone off

I Win

Wow is Wow backwords

Every argument whether its friendly or over an opinion i usually always win thanks to this app haha. Its really good and funny.



So funny. Had me in stitches!

Funny and playful app


If you need a good comeback or just want to laugh out loud to yourself, this is a great app to play around with. Lots of fun!

Lots of fun


These random comments keeps me laughing

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