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Buster Talks! Funny Insult and Comeback Generator is free iOS app published by Full Sea Productions, LLC

Too Funny!


Found I couldn't playing with this app. Buster is a trip and I love the comb-over! Great app!



If you need good laugh this app is for you! Win any discussion with stupid arguments :-)

Oh yeah!


Me and my buddies love this app. We're a bunch of idiots and have a blast using this on the weekends!

Buster is hilarious!


Cool idea! Now I'll always have a great comeback! The animation is awesome and buster's voice is so funny!



Use it on mean people it really shuts people up

Nice graphics


Nice graphics and neat feature to have Buster actually speak the insults. With the spinning sign feature the insult possibilities are endless!

If you're ever in need of an insult, look no further.


No shortage of creative insults here. Either read aloud by Buster, a fun 3D animated character, or cycled through on a sign for you to read yourself, the creative variety of insults fly. Plus you can favorite or share the insults via social media (a nice touch)!

Great to learn a couple insults


Fun app, great insults, but the insults are too similar.

Creative insult app


Not just a simple insult generator. The animated representation for each insult is a nice touch.

I Hate It


Alright let's go now I know buster isn't real but the thing is this app says things like - I wish you were never born. You are most likely thinking I'm over reacting but y'know they programmed buster so...- I hate it.

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