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Buster Talks! Funny Insult and Comeback Generator is free iOS app published by Full Sea Productions, LLC

Really Helps!


Whenever i get insulted, i really cant think of anything to say. Now, with this app, i am able to talk back really well!

Ultimate Fun 😇😇😇😇


Awesomely created game with beautiful graphics and sounds. Talking talking and talking with buster in this game. The ultimate fun game for all ages. Once you started up with this game it's hard to put it down.

Very Realistic And Enjoyable.....

Tiffany Texeriaaa

Very very realistic.Kids as well as all love this game very much, most entertaining on AppStore and fabulous too. My kids love to play this game all time and have lots of fun......

Awesome screenplay !!!

Sonia Pierce

Best screen play ever !!!Fun, enjoyable and entertaining all complete package to enjoy. Just download the game and have a blasting experience of best sound and fun both together. Obviously I love this app very much. I recommended this to all my friends too.

Nice collections

Archer Haller

One of my friend suggested me this app and i must say this app is awesome. It has huge collection of funny insults & comebacks line. The best part is you can save and share them. I recommend this app to all!!!!

Totally amazing

Sara Cobby

I have this app and i love to use it everyday, this is interesting app. It's highly recommended and all must have this amazing app.............

My son's game

Sean Armeooder

This is his best game, with him i also like this game. I am addicted to this app now, so rated this app with five stars, so simple to play and best buster talk ever...



Waste of space!! All fake reviews do not believe them for a second. This app is seriously pathetic, the "insults" are beyond cheesy and not funny at all...every 2 seconds a new ad pops up making it even more annoying

Funniest app ever


I like the insults on this app

Dumb app

Disappointed user from md

Repeats itself with a 6 year olds mad lib style format. Waste of time

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