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Buster Talks! Funny Insult and Comeback Generator is free iOS app published by Full Sea Productions, LLC

Big problem


I have a huge problem I have no idea how to start the insults

Just fun..!!

[email protected]@@

This app is hilarious! It has some awesome insults and pickup lines worked for me. the jokes are pretty good. Most free apps would be cheesy but this is the best free funny insult joke app. Highly recommend to anyone who love jokes!!

Very Nice App!!!!!


Talks yes I like gossips very much!!! Have this app? You really need to see it to believe it. This is the ultimate survival tool for winning any argument! And that too free!! Give any one the verbal smack down for life time. My friends love it and likes it when I post my buster e-cards on social media. This is the best part of the game and I loved this to win any argument I have this awesome app which is the greatest power for me to win, the very nice insult app I ever got . Now this is my best!!! I have downloaded many insult apps but this is the best and unique among them and my bestieeee.

Lovely App !!! I Am Addicted


Bluster talks !! Very funny yet interesting game to play. You can win any arguments with this app. Superbly designed I live the theme of the app the bluster is sweet and cute. The app can be used for entertainment and laughs only with internet. Give any one the verbal smack down of a life time the power is in yours iPhone download the app and be a popular and a winning guy in your group. All friends will wait for you to come and make fun. This is an addicting app. I am addicted to this app.

Really terrible


not even corny/cheesy funny. Not funny at all

Really A Gem

[email protected]@@@@

Come on dudes and girls get this app for a great place among your friends, all insults insults and insults. Really a gem in the App Store to have on your device it's all free too. With come back generator support and many more amazing features. 164 millions insults wow it's all amazing and never ending insults. Be amazed and laugh put loud with this app and explore the never ending world of random insults. Quite different from other apps and all amazing too.

A must have app!!!!


I always want app like this from where I can get new way to get comeback line which should sound unique at the same time cool also, so here you are this app have everything in it there are more then 150 millions of comeback line which you can use, even the app have a option where you can share it to the your Facebook, Twitter. The best part is the app is free so download it and check it out by yourself.

Must have app!!!!


I'm not that much strong in word I mean I don't know how to insults anyone if someone is insulting me but this app have given me that chance to get over on other. The app have million insulting and comebacks line in it. The collection is great in this app so if you are like me then go and download it and have fun.

Nice app to have!!!!


This is great app!! It's something which I need much in my daily life, app have 100 of comeback line which one can use in argument or in between of friends, you can read line from this app and impress your friend, it's the easy way to become cool in your friend circle. Nice app to have and it's very useful I personally recommend this app to everyone.

Crazy For This Buster App !!

Georgette games!!

Winning all arguments is very easy with this Buster Talks app. Entertaining and useful, the all full of fun. Swipe down to hear the arguments from buster and swipe your iPhone screen left to read all the points to win any argument. This is really different app from the traditional ones, it's quite good too. The app is for all ages, I am addicted to this app. Crazy for this BUSTER App

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