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The most addictive game!
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Games Free Voodoo iPhone, iPad, iPod

Knock players off the stage with your bumper.
Eat ice cream to become bigger and stronger!
You must be the last on the map to win!


Very addicting

I absolutely love this game. I would get excited when I passed another rank, but it sadly ends at Master 1. Maybe more ranks? Also, online play? The ones you play against are bots, I can tell. If you turn off your phone on the app, everything freezes, but goes exactly where it was and resumes as soon as you open your phone. Maybe add online! Other than that I love your game! Very well made!

Very laggy

Has potential but can’t enjoy . Complete waste

Unskippable 30 second ads

Ads of this length that you can't skip are unacceptable in any game and the quality of the gameplay is thus moot. Delete.


Please add more tanks I love this game but I like comparing against friends on how much I play or am good or how many wins I have. At this point it’s not fun excepts when I get a lot of kills


It’s a fun addictive game but there’s not much desire when you don’t level up or move on to different stages after winning. Needs more

Wrong names

I personally really like the game, but every time I died says that I died from someone who isn’t even in the match that was in, so I found that a bit confusing when I say this person killed me but then shows it was someone else who wasn’t even in the match so thank you and can you please try to fix this because this is a big thing that I don’t like about this game everything else is super fun.

Need Energy usage fix

The app is great and pretty addictive as well, but it uses a great amount of battery power and drains the battery in minutes. You guys please fix that

ollie popin molly

This game is so trash the game gets an ad for every game. Not worth your time

Don’t make games so fast take your time

Not a good game for so many reasons one being that stupid ricochet thing when there is a cluster of balls sometimes one will shoot out and hit me so that I will Knock off the map at like the speed of light and this literally almost every single time this is really stressful because they always say it’s just a game nothing to get mad about but there is something to get mad especially if you get shot off at a thousand mph then if you eat angry at the game just to piss you even more a minute long ad the crashes the game.


I got this game like 5 minuets ago and I’m addicted like I was playing Fortnite