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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.
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Games Free Voodoo iPhone, iPad, iPod

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.


LOVE .. BUT !!
Jackyyy DaniellsπŸ–€πŸ–€

I truly love this app, i've had it since Voodoo and their team came out with it. Between the colors and the obstacles it's addicting !! But i just recently have been having issues with the game glitching rather i'm on or off wifi. I have the app updated and everything, but the glitching is annoying.

Fun. Too many ads.

I know that F2P games are going to have ads. I have tons of F2P games. I’m okay with that. But, this game pushes it. For a game where you’re sometimes dead in a matter of seconds, having to sit through an ad every 2-3 games is way too much. At least let me play 3 or 4 minutes between ads. It’s a bummer because the game itself is fun.

Nice game..but
houdini is my dog

I think it’s a nice game it is very addictive for me..but maybe cut out the ads?They is an ad every time I die or splat or whatever.Over all good game.


The is

If you like to watch ads this game is for you!

Ads are super lame. I’m three levels in and already want to quit. Charge .99 and get rid of the ads!!

Addictive but VERY Frustrating

So this game is addictive and fun to play, but when u keep dying and start getting annoyed and frustrated, it just goes downhill from there. After about an hour of playing this game I got so frustrated I couldn’t pass anymore levels, and because of that I got more frustrated.

The adds ruin the game

I can’t even enjoy playing because every couple of going there’s an add never played a game with this many adds it’s so annoying and makes me want to delete it but I truthfully love the game


Okay here’s the tea, to get like a new icon or whatever it says you have to play it for 5 days in a row, I’ve played this game for MORE than 5 days but it never says that I’ve even played if for one day. It says, play helix jump for 5 days. It literally says 0/5 every single day. Crappy game much? Also the adds are insane!!! Voodoo always has the worst adds ever and it is sooo annoying. I would not recommend this game to anybody. For sure deleting it rn.

I hate this game

I hate this game because it lags and I can’t play it so yah bye.


this game is soooooo fun. i think you should get it 100%. but there are so many ads that you get more ads than the actual game. i get the whole money part of it but it makes me really frustrated when an ad pops up that i have seen like 25 times. i think you should limit the ads. i hope this helps with your game.