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Exciting adventure of the bouncing ball through the helix tower labyrinth.
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Games Free Voodoo iPhone, iPad, iPod

One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics.



This game started off as my favorite game. I loved how challenging and fun it was. I was constantly playing this game. But then after about a week or so, it stared freezing. I would be in the middle of a jump, and it would freeze which only took about ten seconds to un freeze, but then it would happen again. This game frustrated me 😑 and I started getting annoyed. I kept playing it, but it did the same thing. The other problem I had, was that every time I started a new level, an add would play. There were too many adds. Every time I tried to play, an add would start!!! I highly recommend not getting this app. You think it’s going to be this amazingly fun app, but it ends up being a bunch of frustration. This game really stinks, so do not.........DO NOT get it ever. It will be a mistake. This game was a real disappointment.

My game chamber

This game is fun and awesome 🀘🀘😜😜

Caviat Emptor
Avoid Voodoo Games

Very good game. However, you pay for the game and the. You are assulted with a barrage of other games they sell, taking you away from a game you paid for. Frustrating. Try a different ve dor than Voodoo.


To much ads

Would give 0 if I could
Cody Atlanta

I loved this game until it BROKE my avatar doesn’t even bounce and it says I’m only on level 3?!?!? What’s wrong with it? If y’all fix it then I’m changing to five stars so please do.... Edit: well I just got an update and they fixed it... Thanks!!

Bug fix

Needs a bug fix. Every time I open it to play the ball just sticks to the ground. Doesn’t bounce anymore.

Some suggestions🀩
Bailey Walla

Ok so I love helix jump but there are some bad things about it, like all the adds.Anyways I think y’all should add skins and special ball you can unlock like you can put a cool skin on a ball with a cool ability.Can y’all also add new levels and new colors for them it would be cool to have some new colors every once in a while.Well that’s all I think the game needs to improve Yours Truly, Ash

DJ Kitty Chuckles

There is just so many Ad’s! Every time I have to restart when my ball dies I have to go through 30 sec ads every time! It’s the worst thing ever! Why?! Please fix that problem by getting rid of some of the ads.The games are supposed to be relaxing but the ads make it the worst! PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! ADS ARE BAD!


I paid for this app to be ad free. I play a lot when I’m not busy and my nieces play as well. Now there are “rewards”’that are unwanted ads popping up when you touch. I don’t want ads. I paid for ad free. This is a cheap, sleazy way to get people to get popups and you can’t get out!!!!

The update!!
Queen Jilly

I love the new update! With all the new skins, I love it!! πŸ₯°

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