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Become the biggest crowd in town!
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Gather people accross the city and crush your opponents with your overwhelming leadership!


Excessive ads

Two 30 second ads for a 1 minute game is outright abuse. Not worth the $3.00 ransom you want to charge. Deleting Crowd City. Good bye.

Too many Ads now

So I paid 2.99 to get rid of the ads....but there are still ads, so that was a waste of money. I still enjoy playing, but they haven't put any effort into making the game better. I always build a crowd of between 1000-1160. I wish they would improve the game to get bigger crowds over 1200-1500. Also, a new outlay of the city would be great.

Because to many ads

At halftime in every game there is an ad in the middle of it and when you are the winner you have to watch an ad to continue the game when the game is almost over and you want more time you have to want an ad to have 20 more seconds and I would have given five stars if there wasn’t two ads every time I try to play and it also costs a lot of coins to get ten more people

C. web

I’m ???

Fun simple game

This game has a fun simple concept. If you don’t pay to make the ads go away, it’s unplayable but it’s worth the $3. Well done. I unlocked all the skins and hope they come out with more!

Excessive ads
Quinn Q.

In the middle of a game? Are you serious?

Crowded city

Not enough time

schell man 1

It’s so un fare

AdorbsxMisty yt

I love this game! I just don’t love all the adds. I think there should not be a half time

The Anit

Don’t play this game if you hate ads. Ad in the beginning to get more people, ad at “halftime”, and a ad at the end. I used to play before and enjoyed it.

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