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BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder

I love it


I use it everyday. I've tried other apps. None is as good.

Way better than the new "official" app.

Gregory Sheppard

Could be prettier but UX is much better. Plus they support Multireddit.




So many problems


I don't know where to begin with the issues this app has. How about for starters if you switch away from the app and come back it dumps you at the main screen, instead of taking you back to where you were. It also doesn't support dynamic text, and the preferences might as well not exist. Maybe you have to buy the ad free version to get a decent app.

Crashes on replies


Fix this.

Not very user friendly at all


This app can be extremely difficult to use at times.

Dont download until issues are fixed

Philipp Seifert

Currently there is a Hyundai ad at the botton when browsing, which is normally fine as there are always ads. But this particular ad randomly opens itself up and starts to play, interupting anything else that might be going on. Im switiching to the official app.

Auto Playing Ads

William Jr

App has updated and now is auto playing some stupid ad for a car every 5 minutes without any promoting. Please fix this quickly.




Great app. Never Crashes.


I don't know what device this people with the problems have but works fine and never crashes on my iPhone 6 Plus ( iOS 9.0.2 )