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BaconReader for Reddit is free iOS app published by OneLouder

Ads are taking over!


While I understand the reason for ads, there are some ads (from adjust) that pop up in the feed that will trigger if you try to use that area of the screen to scroll through the feeds. They’re registering a tap-and-drag as a tap to open the ad. It’s opening several times a day for me. I used this app for years but it’s driven me to install a different app.

Not as good anymore


This used to be the best reddit app, but times have moved on and baconreader has failed to stay ahead of newer, better apps. Ads are much more obtrusive now and expand if you accidentally touch (not even directly tap!) the banner while scrolling. Another glaring issue is that you can’t highlight/copy text from posts.

Ads horrible in latest version


My favorite Reddit browser - but the ad popups have made this a miserable experience. Immediate delete - hoping this is corrected to a reasonable level.


Another Kefalonian

The interface isn't as intuitive as it could be and offers little more than the native app.

Copy url and open in safari doesnt work


Why are you blocking my links? Work 1 Star, doesn’t function

Redgifs Support


App has always been good to me, just hoping for some support for redgifs soon. Very frustrating to click a post and then have to click on the url again to load the gif.

What happened to gifs?


Seems like only redgifs work now and that requires a second click.

Video ads ruin browsing while on air play


Had to uninstall. Trash

Photo, video, gif Thumbnails Rarely Load

Rob A3

This used to be such a great app! Lately, when viewing a sub - very few of the thumbnail image / video / gif previews load. Sometimes, opening a post, and then immediately going back will trigger all the thumbnails for other posts to load. Latest iOS on a 7+.

Need redgif support and now ads are more intrusive


Recent update didn’t add redgif support but it did add more intrusive ads