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The easiest way to Reddit is now available for iOS! BaconReader has loads of free features with remarkable speed and responsiveness, allowing you to enjoy your content however you want it.
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With features like enhanced search, follow friends, subreddit explorer, bookmarking and direct picture uploading with draw capabilities, you’ve got all things reddit, in one easy and tasty place: BaconReader.

Join the BaconReader community at r/BaconReader for the latest news and updates on BaconReader features and release plans.

Current Features:
• Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• Subscribe, flair, submit posts, upvote/downvote, full iPad support -- all for free!
• Switch between multiple accounts and create new ones
• Explore categorized subreddit listings to discover new and interesting content
• Create and manage multireddits
• Efficient list display and beautifully optimized tile image display -- reddit your way
• Fast, easy-to-use search for posts, subreddits, and users
• Follow posts/comments made by other redditors by adding them to your Friends list
• Bookmark a subreddit for quick access, without adding it to your front page
• Easily access moderator mail to keep up with subreddits you moderate
• Draw on or "meme-ify" posted pictures to enhance the fun
• Please let us help you get the most out of your BaconReader experience: Contact our support team at [email protected] or join the conversation on r/BaconReader


Another Kefalonian

The interface isn't as intuitive as it could be and offers little more than the native app.

Copy url and open in safari doesnt work

Why are you blocking my links? Work 1 Star, doesn’t function

Redgifs Support

App has always been good to me, just hoping for some support for redgifs soon. Very frustrating to click a post and then have to click on the url again to load the gif.

What happened to gifs?

Seems like only redgifs work now and that requires a second click.

Video ads ruin browsing while on air play

Had to uninstall. Trash

Photo, video, gif Thumbnails Rarely Load
Rob A3

This used to be such a great app! Lately, when viewing a sub - very few of the thumbnail image / video / gif previews load. Sometimes, opening a post, and then immediately going back will trigger all the thumbnails for other posts to load. Latest iOS on a 7+.

Need redgif support and now ads are more intrusive

Recent update didn’t add redgif support but it did add more intrusive ads

Was my favorite reddit app, until it started to significantly drain my battery

I noticed a few days ago that my phone battery would go from 100 to 20% by noon with minimal use. I checked my battery usage in the settings and noticed that for this app, with 5 min on screen, there was 12 HOURS of background activity. What is it doing? Mining bitcoin or something? Yes my background app refresh is off, but I usually leave the app open and just switch apps, which has worked for me for the most part and no other apps have such significant background activity usage. I don’t want to explicitly close all my apps after I’m done using them just because of this issue. But if you are already used to doing that, this app will probably work fine for you. So I’ve deleted the app and have decided I will look for another app to browse Reddit with. Now my battery is at 80% at noon.

Cannot create xxxea an account

Cannot create an account. Their sign up GUI says only “care to try these again” no matter what I do. I’ve triple checked that my passwords match and my username is unique. It won’t tel me what I’ve done wrong, all it says is “care to try these again?” Useless broken app, one star unless someone can tell me its fixed

Worth the money!

This is by far the best reddit app in the App Store, it is well worth the money to remove the ads. I've used all the others and this is by far the best way to browse reddit. Only thing I’d say I would like to see, is a system default theme option. I don’t like having to manually change the theme based on time of day, its the only app that I use regularly that hasn’t integrated this feature yet.