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The easiest way to Reddit is now available for iOS! BaconReader has loads of free features with remarkable speed and responsiveness, allowing you to enjoy your content however you want it.
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With features like enhanced search, follow friends, subreddit explorer, bookmarking and direct picture uploading with draw capabilities, you’ve got all things reddit, in one easy and tasty place: BaconReader.

Join the BaconReader community at r/BaconReader for the latest news and updates on BaconReader features and release plans.

Current Features:
• Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• Subscribe, flair, submit posts, upvote/downvote, full iPad support -- all for free!
• Switch between multiple accounts and create new ones
• Explore categorized subreddit listings to discover new and interesting content
• Create and manage multireddits
• Efficient list display and beautifully optimized tile image display -- reddit your way
• Fast, easy-to-use search for posts, subreddits, and users
• Follow posts/comments made by other redditors by adding them to your Friends list
• Bookmark a subreddit for quick access, without adding it to your front page
• Easily access moderator mail to keep up with subreddits you moderate
• Draw on or "meme-ify" posted pictures to enhance the fun
• Please let us help you get the most out of your BaconReader experience: Contact our support team at [email protected] or join the conversation on r/BaconReader


Love it

Been using it for years. Bought the full version to support!

Can’t see comments

I haven’t been able to see comments for a few days now. iPhone 7 Plus so should work fine. And the support takes me to an faq page that can’t help this issue. Can someone from the app help? I’ll be happy to amend my review. I’ve used this app for...years now. I’d like to keep using it.

Best reddit app WITH caveats

If you're looking for an app that prizes function over form, this is it. It's not dazzlingly beautiful in its design and won't wow you with its thread-opening animations or transitions. No. But this app WILL get you to any subreddit you'd like without fail. It'll let you do things that the average reddit app wouldn't - request flairs, pull up the sidebar, or the save drafts of a reply to that idiot you so disagree with. It'll let you choose whether or not to open links inside the app or in default browser. It'll show you gif previews and video previews when it's allowed by the link. It'll let you control font size however you want, and offer dark mode. Now the caveats: there sometimes are bugs. Sometimes you're typing out a comment, and lo and behold, the last three words you've typed have disappeared, and your cursor is nowhere to be seen. You can't scroll down either. I actually thought there would be more problems that would come to mind, but this is it. This is a pretty great app. You should get it.

Great format

This is my favorite way to browse Reddit. The design of the app is super simple and it’s just easy. I’ve tried others but kinda just give up. Turn on the dark theme and you’re set to go.

Love this app!
king kassi

Best reddit viewer out there.

Use to love it, now screw them

I use to use this app a ton. But the ads man. I get having to use ads, it makes sense. But every time you close one another just pops up. I can’t even read comments because I hit the stupid X and another one pops back up every time. Go use the official one or Apollo. Devs are just squeezing money out of this and making it more and more intrusive.


It’s been the only Reddit app I’ve used across 4 different phones. Interface is great and looks good too

Herbert Seldowitz

Why do you have to change things when the app is working perfectly? Gfycat, v.reddit, Imgur gifs... Any video format suddenly has a 50% chance of refusing to play within the native application window (not the built-in browser). This has only begun to happen with the most recent update for me. I am not pleased and did away with the Bacon Reader for the foreseeable future, which is a disappointing measure to have to take after five years of being a loyal user. Please fix this, as half of Reddit being unviewable is unacceptable

The best way to browse reddit on your phone

This app is amazing and by far the best way to browse reddit on your phone or tablet. I've used it for a long time and it is fluid, modern (unlike many other clients,) and the developers obviously put a lot of working in to it judging by the number of updates they push out! It's the app I would recommend to anyone looking for an iOS or Android reddit client! The ads don't take away from the browsing experience, but I was more than happy to pay for pro to help support continued development.

IOS version is BAD.

There isn’t a way to block an offensive subreddit without having to go to a separate page to type in the name of the subreddit into a filter. There should be a single “Block Subreddit” option, right on the browsing page. Just like there is on Baconreader for android. It is a waste of time to have to type in the names of several dozen subreddits, on a separate page, every time I’m browsing r/all and get bombarded with post after post of naked women exposing themselves. That is not what I use reddit for.