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The easiest way to Reddit is now available for iOS! BaconReader has loads of free features with remarkable speed and responsiveness, allowing you to enjoy your content however you want it.
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With features like enhanced search, follow friends, subreddit explorer, bookmarking and direct picture uploading with draw capabilities, you’ve got all things reddit, in one easy and tasty place: BaconReader.

Join the BaconReader community at r/BaconReader for the latest news and updates on BaconReader features and release plans.

Current Features:
• Support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
• Subscribe, flair, submit posts, upvote/downvote, full iPad support -- all for free!
• Switch between multiple accounts and create new ones
• Explore categorized subreddit listings to discover new and interesting content
• Create and manage multireddits
• Efficient list display and beautifully optimized tile image display -- reddit your way
• Fast, easy-to-use search for posts, subreddits, and users
• Follow posts/comments made by other redditors by adding them to your Friends list
• Bookmark a subreddit for quick access, without adding it to your front page
• Easily access moderator mail to keep up with subreddits you moderate
• Draw on or "meme-ify" posted pictures to enhance the fun
• Please let us help you get the most out of your BaconReader experience: Contact our support team at [email protected] or join the conversation on r/BaconReader


Works better than the native Reddit app

It uses less data, has better functionality, and doesn’t take a week to load. Need I say more?

Collects and sells your data

No thanks.

Ads activate when you try to scroll

This was once my favorite app for reading Reddit. Now, when I try scrolling down, ads activate when my thumb touches an ad even if I try to scroll up. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t tap the ad.

Why doesn’t the block feature work?

I have an incel that won’t leave me alone and every time I try to block him it says he can not be blocked.

After years of using this app, had to delete after recent update

It used to be that ads placed in your Reddit feed only opened when you tapped them intentionally. Now they are set to open even if you touch the add while scrolling. This has made the app pretty much unusable for me as ads frequently open multiple times during just a few minutes of scrolling.

Go to for a long time, but a new complaint

I don’t know what’s changed with the app. It’s for years been my Reddit portal and I would still love to use it for years more. However, in the past month, I’ve run into a pretty significant problem. I am sometimes maybe too verbose, but that’s my prerogative... when I go to proofread my comments or posts I’d like to make, the app does a weird somersault and ENTIRELY deletes the essay I had been trying to write. Just like a casual flick in a direction I cannot explain, and the last 20-25 minutes of me curating my post or comment gets completely erased. Whatever point I had hoped to make is lost entirely. There’s no redo, there’s no drafts. Just GONE. I’ve wasted at least 3 hours over the last couple weeks trying to comment or post and lost everything I had been writing. It’s annoying and disheartening. I wasn’t going to get that much feedback anyway. It was like a therapeutic journaling session, and all the energy and effort I put in was wasted and can’t be revisited. Please reinstate a verification of deleting drafts. Why am I even trying to say anything if the app will just disrespect me like this?

Ads everywhere

As mentioned in all the other reviews ads are everywhere. And if I accidentally touch one while scrolling it proceeds to then open up my Safari app and then also open up the App Store to try to get me to download something.

Ads Everywhere

There’s now a constant ad when scrolling. The ads in the feed are ridiculously sensitive if you happen to stop a scroll on them they automatically open up Safari or the App Store. This was an excellent app for browsing but is now a frustrating experience. Exploring other options for my own sanity.

Obnoxious pop-up ads
Dave FRR

I’ve been using baconreader as long as I can remember (around 6-7 years). It has been my favorite app for browsing during that time. Recently however, the sensitivity of the ads has gone way up. I can’t touch that part of the screen while scrolling without the app opening up the ad in my browser and then glitching and opening up in a second browser. This is extremely disruptive to my experience. I am setting a calendar reminder for the first day of March. If the issue isn’t fixed by then I’m permanently deleting baconreader and finding another app.

almost perfect but one flaw makes it awful
midi fister

I've been using this app forever - but I'm about to give up on it for something that ruins the experience numerous times . if you swipe left or right the screen changes to somewhere else and you lose wherever you were and whatever you were writing if you were writing. being left handed and trying to scroll ask reddit. this becomes a frustrating nightmare. all I want is the option to completely disable this swipe action, I don't want it at all anyway. after years of this I'm about ready to switch apps even though literally everything else about this app is as simple as I could ever hope for.