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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is free iOS app published by Ubisoft

Unplayable events


Downloaded the game again recently. Found out that some events are not playable. And that is really sad because I always look forward to playing the events. Another issue though more minor is that sometimes the rush option doesn’t work at all. For these first two issues, the start mission button would fade out as if you’re short on the needed resources or you’re not meeting mission requirements. But that is not the case. Also sometimes when you go from one interface to another it would close the old one but then overlay another one on top of the one you’re supposed to return to. Other than these things everything else is just as I remember it. I’ll change rating once these get taken care of. I also have a screenshot of both the event issue and the interface overlay issue that I can send to you guys.

Amazing very awesome


This game is a very good assassins creed game. Even though its not open world it’s very interesting and story also characters are really fair to accomplish and collect.


Mason is da domb

I love the game. It just needs a restart button or something like that. Cause I played before and I redownloded it and it saved my progress which is awesome but there should be a delete save button. But if there is idk I just downloaded the game again and have not played it yet

Trash servers


I have a iPhone 11 with service and connected to WiFi the game keeps saying please connect online when I have service

Awesome game


I have playing this game for hours and hours

Worst glitches ever


I’ve tried to give this game a chance but the dozens of glitches are beyond frustrating. Almost every time I launch the game I have something missing. Most recently I have 10 rift tokens missing. Might as well burn money... too bad because this could have been a great game but if things go missing all the time there’s no point in playing. Wish I’d never spent a dime on this game. I want my money back

Fun Game


Great way to pass time

Crashing in IPhone 6


I used to play well on an iPhone 5s, now in an iPhone 6 the game crashes every f time!



This game is lit. Cartoon + AC = ?. Also, they accepted my discord request so I’m grateful. (Producer if you are reading this I just want to say great job ?)

Can’t even play the game!


I’m sorry to give this a 1-star but I can’t review it if the game is too bugged for me to not even get past the first dialogue with Aguilar. I thought I would love this since Assassin’s Creed is one of my all-time favorite games- but for the problem. It crashes once it either gets to the loading screen with Aguilar or crashes directly when I open the game after a few seconds or after a few minutes. My iPhone model is a 6, please fix it!