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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is free iOS app published by Ubisoft

Fun game but stalls out


This is a great game that I have enjoyed playing. The game play and mechanics are well done and I enjoy myself. I appreciate that it is actually achievable to get many of the new heroes and characters through gameplay, although I haven’t gotten far enough to know if there are some who are only low prob drops, that would be a bummer. Where I have had an issue is that I was progressing just fine through the story until second mission lvl 2. Then I stalled out HARD - like, I’ve been stuck here over a week when I was progressing fairly regularly before. I simply can’t get characters up to the power score without grinding hard to lvl them up and getting more advanced accessories and weapons. I’m still playing but I’m not progressing, just rushing for DNA, XP, and loot to hopefully get over the hump.

Best game ever

Cherelle Wheat

Best game I ever played in my life

Fun for a while, but a *lot* of grinding...


Gameplay is fun, but progression in the main story stalls out at points, and you have to spend a *lot* of time and resources in between those points to level and rank up the characters that you need to progress, especially near the end, where you need very rare materials to craft the top-level weapons and armor, and drops of those materials are insanely difficult to come by.

Better than I ever expected


This is what I wanted from a licensed AC franchise mobile game - I get the story, it respects my time (can play 5-50min), i don’t feel too pressured to dump thousands of dollars, and even the lategame (maxed 50 with all 62 assassins) feels like solid puzzle challenges while I slowly grind coins for elite training and wait for updates. I switched from 4 stars to 5 because the devs have addressed all major complaints (except fixing Corvo crafting costs), patched bugs quickly, and are releasing new content in a measured speed with roadmaps. 15 months and still daily player! Oct 2020 Update: new game mode added, still daily player, Bayek is love, Bayek is life.

I love this game ???

savig c

I loved this franchise then when I saw the title I was happy wen I hopped on I was amazid

Expensive to play


I have spent more than $120 on this game so far. Total area are 5 reigns. I am on 2nd and work on third region. Good review on apple sore. I tried the game and it doesn’t deserve the credit. I keeped on play on the same game to get sores so I can move up. It is boring. I have to buy credits to play. I don’t have much more movitztion to play if I didn’t spent this much money. It doesn’t have multi-player function like Boloom TDS6. Don’t play it if you don’t have deep wallaet.

Can’t connect


I used to have a lot of fun on this game in the past. Recently I was browsing my collection and decided to start it up again. After the update finished, I tried to open up the game and get started. Unfortunately, that didn’t go so well. I was immediately hit with an error message saying that I needed to go online to play. I tried reinstalling, resetting my phone, and everything else in between. But to no avail. I know I don’t have the best connection, but no other game has ever acted as if my connection straight up didn’t exist until now. Idk if anyone else is having this issue but suffice it to say that I am very disappointed currently. Hope the problem is resolved soon.

This game, is BY FAR THE BEST MOBILE GAME of it’s time!

Crimson Epsilon

First, the graphics, breathtaking. Second, the mechanics, excellent. Third, all of them are men, but the artsy people makes them look so cute! Almost as if they’re kid assassins! I love that you can train them, and give them gear. Most people would point out flaws, but for me, I see none. :)

Wish it was good

Lord Mullacabra

What can I say other than that? I really do wish this was a game worth investing your time in, but that is something I have never said about a mobile game. This one is no exception to that unarguable fact; the unarguable fact that I find this game to be worthy only of disdain. It’s a cute little concept that fails where it counts, and only delivers where it really does not matter at all. For example I love the varying types of troops, but I can’t stand the mission suggestion for troop types to use. The type of troops it suggests rarely translate into the most effective types to use. I’ll never be sure why anyone would go out of their way to lie about mobile games being awesome, but at the very least I am able to write my own honest reviews. Don’t spend any money on this game if you do decide to waste time playing it; it just isn’t worth it in any capacity.

Keeps kicking me out of the app


It keeps kicking me out of the app but I did play this game and I loved it idk if it’s just my phone or what but yea