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Assassin’s Creed Rebellion is free iOS app published by Ubisoft



All it does is crash. Won’t stay open for more than 5 seconds

A Great Expansion


I’m glad to see Aguilar’s story fleshed out like this, even if it *is* a little messed up in terms of the timeline.

Display problem


It’s a fun game (I played it on my old phone.) however on my new phone all I get is a blank display when I try to open the objectives, heroes, or shop tab. How do I fix this?



This game crash for me , why??!



I can’t even go in the store without it glitching out and having me to restart the game. SUPER ANNOYING!!!



Tried to play on iPhone 11. During tutorial I had to restart my phone several time because glitches were locking up the game. Even with strong signal kept getting communication errors. Game finally got stuck where suppose to tap empty room to build living quarters. Deleted game and reinstalled 2 times. But cloud save made the game go to exactly the same place with the glitch unable to move forward. iCloud is off on my phone. Even free.... game was not worth the hour I spent trying to trouble shoot!!!!

Wow, just, wow


I saw this game and I’m a pretty big fan of the Assassins Creed series, and this is an amazing game if you have or have not played the games, the gameplay is fun, being able to upgrade your assassins, and use tactical or to just run in and kill as much as you want, I approve this game, and before anyone thinks, I swear on my life I am not a bot



I only wish I could move it around an we’re

It’s a Ubisoft game


The gameplay is rather decent, but what ruins the game is the fact that progression is stopped after the tutorial because to get stronger characters, you need to get leveling stuff on top of having to wait 20+ minutes, on top of having to wait for characters to regenerate health, on top of needing higher rarity characters which are locked behind Helix Credits, which are a pain to get, and you need 1800 of them to buy the bundle. TLDR: micro transactions are holding the game back and there’s too much waiting for everything



Easily an elite game. Character depth is top notch. The game doesn’t try to gouge you for money. You can easily earn enough in game to make it fun sans outside funds. Made me actually go back and play the games on my PS4. It’s apart of my daily routine.. especially fun for fans.. ✊?