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Antarctic Dolphin Escape

An Antarctic dolphin has come out of water to get some fresh air but soon after the dolphin came out of water, the surface of the water has turned into rock solid ice. It is too hard for the dolphin to break open the icy surface and get into the water. Have pity on the dolphin and help it escape from the freezing cold.Have fun playing new escape game.
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I just got this and was playing it for about 20 seconds because it was so bad and very confusing like updated to like your the dolphin and the instructions are so lame it tells you to save the dolphin and it’s crying for some reason and you can’t really save the dolphin it just won’t let you just for a heads up you should look at the reviews more because if your going to get a game then you should see how other people like this game or not like this game for me it’s my opinion but I HATE this game that’s all I am going to say make sure to check these reviews more

amazing pr

Good and hard. I don’t know how to escape

Well done ??
Casual mode

Fun game, different, short as escape games go. Understand the need for ads but full screen video ads need to go..the banner ad is sufficient. Thanks!

Great Challenge

Love this games. Keep it up iPhone Compatiable

So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So hard and don't understand how to play?????

Two thumbs down


Pretty easy.

More ads than most, specially for such a short game. ?


I don't understand what the screw driver is for



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