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Locked Horse Farm Escape

In this escape game, you have to help a person who is working in this horse farm. He has been locked in one of the rooms by mistake. You must do something to help him escape from the room. Search around the farm and gather things that can be used in solving the puzzles and helping the man escape.
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Not as good as your other games

I mean, I get it...kinda, but the block puzzle was just where I was stuck, stuck, and STUCK! I just couldn’t get past it, and the clue should’ve been arrows or something. I didn’t really enjoy it. I’ve removed it, and don’t plan on getting it again.

Hard af
Sammi Hodsdon

This game was extremely hard even for myself. Definitely not meant for kids.

Really!? (READ THIS!)
Dont Mess with Texas!

This is a terrible game, I’m sorry. Not the greatest! Do not waste your time with this game- it’s ridiculous. I would rather do anything but play this game! Thank you for reading! ?

WORST GAME EVER????????????
Oceana #puppy/Cat

THE WORST GAME EVER I HATE IT SO MUCH!!!????????????????????????

Doesn’t work
bella bella101

I’m in like the 10th or so stage and the code NP does not work for my iPad it just sits there and now I can’t finish the game and it’s annoying!


I love it so much

AMAZING (with flaws)

A great game meant for kids but for some people when u ask for a hint u just want a hint NOT how to do the whole thing but the walk through is helpful. Another thing is that I hate how there is one lvl can’t there at least be three!? But OVERALL a good game and graphics “could” be better but hey I’m not a stereotype..(and btw people it’s posta be challenging idiots)

This app is terrible
Zoe the cat & unicorn lover

So I decided that I was gonna watch the hint to help me and I follow the exact steps and nothing happened this game you cannot get past anything and when you can it’s very rare in my opinion this game is the worst game of all you can give me any other game is terrible and think that it is better than this there’s no main idea what you’re supposed to find those old patterns you need to follow no way no how anyone can get out of there unless they created the game but that’s just my opinion I still think the game is terrible ❌‼️⚠️

Rainbow ❤️?????

Dumbest thing ever! I can not believe they actually posted this game! There was nothing to do at all literally NO TASKS! NONE. DO NOT GET THIS GAME!!!!!!! Worst game ever no movement at all from the animals! I hate it!

Escape the horse stable
Five star product

If you love horses you will love this game it is so much fun



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