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Assume that you are residing in a luxury mansion and it is such a huge mansion with all the comforts of life. Today, you are in a hurry to go somewhere, but you realize that you have lost the key after locking the door from inside. Now you will have to find the key or else, there is no way for escaping from the mansion. Use the things that you can find in the mansion and solve the puzzles with the help of them to escape from your mansion. All the best and have fun!
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Can’t use key

Really likes the game but same as others that made comment as soon as I get the key I can’t go back or get to the door

Nice game until the glitch
Sky moons shine



Like others, made it through and found the key, only to have it hang up. I'm hoping writing a review is the last step to allow me to escape.

fricken stupid game

I’m young and can’t figure out the number puzzle can you make one for younger people


Yes, the game was quite fun but there was an issue as soon as you find the key the game not only glitches but freezes the whole game and there is no way to move on without deleting the work that you took quite a long time to work on.


Once I collect the key on the first floor, the game freezes up...... I gave you 5 stars when I played the game for the first time, since then I restarted the game and it freezes up in the same spot. ?


i got stuck at the end and it wouldnt let me get out of the last stage when i had the final key

Fix the end please
powers stone

When figed every thing out and then I will not let me get out

Save work

It doesn’t save ur work and i hate games that don’t save ur work but wasent bad besides that

I hate it
tracey and zoey

I hate it because you work so hard to get the key to get out of the house and when you finally get it the whole game glitches



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