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Scary Asylum Escape

Assume that you have been locked up in an abandoned asylum which looks very scary. Try to get out of the asylum without anyone’s help by solving the puzzles. Collect objects and interact with them that you may escape from the asylum. Have fun playing new escape game.
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Games Free Ponarangan R iPhone, iPad, iPod


Pretty good!

Requires tons of blind clicking and a very bright screen. May be hard to see on a phone. Ran thru a bit of the walkthrough as I was slow to figure out the flowers but peachy after that.

I can’t see

Without a zoom feature, this game is nothing mire than pixel clicking. Too bad because it could be a fun game. May 9, 2019 iPhone 6s

Great Challenge

iPhone Compatiable. Loved it. When playing Tap or Click everywhere!! I mean everywhere! I watched a walk through because I couldn't find one item. It drive me crazy whom ever put them on you tube they were just playing the game not knowing what they were doin either! Gave 4 stars only for the fact really dark in places couldn't see items but maybe that's the ideal. Searching in dark Asylum. Umm changing to 5 stars!!

Nice game

Nice challenge couldn't find any items Thor but idc love the game

Horrible graphics


Challenging but not impossible

Great game. Lots of tapping but quick and fun puzzles.

Good game
Bow chicka

You definitely need to turn your brightness level all the way up as its hard to see and the clues tend to blend in the background, other than that great game.

Worst game ever

Said it in the title



Poor graphics

Cannot make out what the items I capture are supposed to be. There are no labels or descriptions. I had high hopes but am now deleting the game :-/



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