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Air Plane Attack By Free Wild Simulator Games

The Air Force Delta Army has discovered where the biggest bloody criminals of the country are hidden!
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Help the army to finish them off. Your mission is to fly their airplanes on the industrial area near the airport.

Fly super fast and don´t let them go away! Show you are the best at the controls of the airplane!

Dodge, shoot and enjoy the aircraft world with this simulator, let it surprise you as never before!

You'll be amazed with the realism and graphics of the airplanes!

Create a massive chaos with your airplane, but ... Beware! There could be innocents!

Get the best airplanes simulator of 2016 and finish off every single enemy of your country!

What are you waiting for? Your country needs you, get on your your airplane, fast your belt, and don´t get shoot!

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Well, sort of intense. But I really do love the gameplay! The graphics are nice and I really like the Music & sound effects.

Lame ad generator

One dimensional and boring.

Good game
Tootsies dad

Simple to play with lots of action

Mister Jxx

This app is really fun to play. I like to spam the fire button and see all the explosions in front of me. Graphics aren't great but it doesn't matter because the game is addicting!

Very fun game!

I love these types of games. It's fun to fly the airplanes and trying to shoot at the obstacles coming your way. Worth a download!

Good time passing game

Flight controls are good and easy to play. Must try.

Cool fun game

Good graphics and gameplay. Recommend to everyone.

Fun flying game
Nikki KUrz

A real fun game. I really enjoyed game play. Deff had become one of my regular kill time games

Air plane attack review

I really like this game. The 3D is really nice and the gameplay is simple and pretty fun.

My thumbs

High flying thumb tapping action. Reminds me of old shooters I played except way more intense. Watching a ad that's longer than the game is rough though.