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Dog Simulator 2016 . Free Dog Games For Children

Choose your favorite puppy and live a race full of excitement and fun!
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Games Free Free Wild Simulator Games SL. iPhone, iPad, iPod

The dogs from Doggy City have arranged a meeting to see who is the fastest and agile dog of the world!

Can you take your dog to victory in this simulator?

Be careful! There are plenty of surprises waiting along the way. There are even bad dogs that can attack you!

Do not let anything unpleasant happen to your dog!

● Beautiful and loving puppies!
● Fast and quick dogs!
● Amazing adventures!
● Ratings to overcome your high-scores!
● Dog-themed graphics!
● Funny music!
● Best dog simulator!

Twitter: @WildSimulator


Don't like this game
Angie pup

This game is boring all your dog does is run


Stupid make a update were its like goat simulator but your a dog really stupid I paid 5$ and it was a wast

Raising chicken

Apparently dogs always get run over by cars

Dog simulator

This game should of not been made its not good to see a dog die or something like that


it's not fun I don't even know what the point of the game is

Horrible app.

I can't explain to you how I'm disgusted by this. One, how anyone could allow knuckleheads like you to submit & approve this app . And two, promoting animal abuse. I will not be purchasing another application from you. You just lost a faithful long term customer.

Not what I would like
Dawn snickers 54

Ok first time I played it I didn't like it at all a dog running into cars really that's all you gave this game oh and 4 dog to suffer the pain together how nice 🙄this game really needs in to improve a lot add something more I'm not playing this game again but add something more for other people this game really boring ok plz get the idea that some people would like it for a change if you add more and stop making poor dog run into cars plz improve this game😤😶😑😒

Why is this even a game?

This game is not the game that I thought it would be this is so ridiculous. Don't get this it's a waste of time and the owner of this game should just erase the game it's awful all u can do is tilt the device and let your dog get hit buy a car and suffer in the middle of the road. If there was a rating of 0 I would pick it.

Do not buy this
Allison |-/

This is unplayable. Don't even take the chance.

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