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Do you feel stressed and anxious? Do you crave a moment of peace and relaxation? Then download this app and feel calmer and more relaxed in just 5 minutes
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A combination of vocal guidance, soothing music and relaxing sounds to create a calm journey into peace and tranquility.

Don't think you have time to relax? Every session takes just 5 minutes from start to finish - ideal for short breaks in the working day.

Want to relax before you drift off to sleep? Set the app to automatically guide you to sleep .

Beautiful animated imagery helps you feel calmer from the moment you open the app.

Universal app - buy once and you use on iPad and iPhone

Integrated Airplay support - play the app on you your airplay speakers

The easy way to escape the stresses of modern life - download now!


Works like a charm

This puts me to sleep EVERY single time. I highly recommend it. Don’t waste time, use this and get rest.

Very Relaxing!

This is a fantastic relaxation app with soothing voice and music. As others have said, there is the option to have it end in sleep or waking. I have only used the free version, and from what I see from others, it's not worth it to pay for more. An idea for improvement is to offer a longer option like a ten minute meditation or continue the soothing music at the end for 3-5 more minutes after the voice stops before waking. I always end it wishing for more.

Awesome for the price.
Wiconi Yuha Mani Win

Neat little app. I've never used the wake function, if use this regularly to sleep. There are several, similar, 5-minute relaxation programs. Always helpful when I am super wound up from work, but need to wind down and sleep. Would be nice to have more relaxation programs for sleep. But awesome nonetheless.

Ends too abruptly

I've listened to the meditation several times and each time I've ended the session feeling very relaxed. Unlike other programs, the voice is very clear and relaxing. I like this app a lot. I would like it more if the session faded out instead of coming to an abrupt end. This is the reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

I like it

I like your voice a lot. I relax. But is too short just five minutes.


I have several meditation, relaxation and subliminal apps and this one is fantastic!

Very simple

Very basic and short. It's just what I need as I try for what must be the 50th time to have a meditation practice! No more excuses!!


Its an awesome app. In the app you have mentioned other apps like this but they are not in the apple store :(

Great app!!!

This truly helps me sleep! Love it!!☺

Love it
I love Care Bears


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