My first iPhone 13 – GarageBand Review

This app as well as Home, notes, numbers, HBO Max, and indeed have really soured my first experience with Apple. Those apps have somehow compromised my device, deleted photos, uninstalled multiple apps and created nearly a gigabyte of system settings in two days as well as over 100 analytic reports. I have never used any of them and they constantly try to download so I don’t not connect to Wi-Fi anymore. Disappointing experience. Apple support I had no suggestions my phone keeps telling me there’s a Watch associated with it through my Apple ID but neither Support or a check online PC or through settings show any devices connected. Still get the notification to download the new app to learn how to use my new apple 7 watch. I was looking for a safe haven by moving to som Apple and after having three androids bricked due to a compromise coincidently timed with a divorce and I really wish someone would just take the time to help. Feels just like having Bixby on a Samsung flip Z and getting locked out 3 times a week. 50 mile drive, 3 times to the bear nearest Apple store to have it reset. Som Apple blames the carrier, carrier blamed asid Apple. Just feel like a cog in the wheel, especially as a long time share holder.
Review by Dox'd dude on GarageBand.

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