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GarageBand is free iOS app published by Apple Inc.

Just needs more instruments that aren’t synths or loops


Disclaimer in that I am not a professional or trained musician, I just compose for fun and to avoid copyright strikes. And that l don’t hate synths or loops; I make regular use of them. The app is absolutely amazing and powerful, and incredibly user and beginner friendly! It is VERY easy to start with and you can make some seriously fantastic music with just the basic features. I love that you can plug in your instrument and add some really fun effects to the sound too, and the looping, once you get a hang of it, is honestly addictive to use. My only gripe with it is while there is a wide selection of loops and synths, there doesn’t seem to be much in terms of instruments. I keep hoping we might get something like a harpsichord, an accordion, a church organ, a violin, saxophone, ukulele, recorder, anything, or even a kazoo, but we just get them in form of pre-recorded loops. Even the last update, which mentioned new instruments, mostly added more synths. Nothing against synths as there are some really cool sounding ones, but I’m really missing the instruments. At the very least if you’re going to add more synths, why not more realistic-sounding choir synths? Or chiptunes and videogame sound effects! There are very few videogame sounds on here! Not to mention the huge demand for Middle Eastern and Asian instruments (as read in the Arabic comments below). Instead of apple loops of a oud or sitar, it would be awesome if we could have them as an instrument- even if just in the Other category of the Keyboard section. I realise you can sample the sounds you’e missing, but the sampling in GarageBand just speeds up/slows down the sound instead of pitching it, and that’s not ideal when you’re trying to get the timing right. I’d really appreciate it if you could either change how the sampling works or add more instruments to the selection. I realise the app is free, but I think it would be a fantastic addition. Otherwise please keep the fantastic work and thank you so so much!

The app is really good but there is one thing missing


I like all the instruments but I really wish there was a Kalimba sound because I like making lofi music and it sounds really good. You should add it to GarageBand as a keyboard sound or as its own thing or both

This app is absolutely perfect!


All it needs now is the option to choose where to loop and to start from the beginning, like in SynthFont.


Need to add core audio

I don’t know but is keeps saying “core audio unavailable” and I don’t know why I deleted it then redownloaded the app and it still said that and it really bothers me cause I also want to make a ringtone for my phone so can you maybe change that and add core audio 😔



I love GarageBand but since the most recent update, I’ve been having some issues. Song are just LOVING to optimize randomly which would be fine if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s doing it every 3 minutes. Another thing is tracks are either not changing their instrument when I change it or when I exit into the track view, the sound just stops from that particular instrument. I would love a bug fix update



Seriously ?

Could use a couple things


I do love the app don’t get me wrong but on the rock pack needs more of a heavy beat maybe in it’s own pack and same with R&B but for rap beats in it’s on pack as well that would be great!



It keeps deleting my songs even when they are saved

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will not update with current ios


will not update with current ios