Don't Risk It!! – Password Genie Data Protection Review

I've had this app lock up on me while it says "Please wait while syncing data", and the spinning wheel never stops and the app never opens. Meanwhile I cannot access any logins or passwords. I contacted tech support who had me delete and reinstall the app, assuring me that all my data was securely stored in their cloud storage. I deleted and reinstalled and now can access only two of my logins and passwords! More than a dozen others are GONE! Support told me to go to "sync options" in settings and hit manually sync to restore the remainder of my data. When I go to sync options it ONLY has that option available if I upgrade to the Premium version! Basically that means my data is being held for ransome and I would need to pay to upgrade to the premium version to get it all back. Folks, that's called extortion. That's a serious legal no no! At the end of all this, all I got was an "escalated issues ticket" and some assurance that I would be contacted in 1-2 days. I'm not holding my breath. I have to reestablished over a dozen logins and passwords! Save yourself the trouble and the headache and do NOT download this app!
Review by KarenMBishop on Password Genie Data Protection.

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