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Password Genie Data Protection is free iOS app published by SecurityCoverage, Inc.



I’ve been using this app for a long time and have found it very user friendly. But since it was bought out by other people services have declined. I’m not clear how this new update only allows 50 inputs when you end up having hundreds after a while. Maybe not worth continuing with this developer for coercing people to delete their data with an update.

Great product!


I have the desktop version of this at home and I'm sooo happy it's now on the App Store! Now I can get the passwords I already saved on my desktop on my iPhone and it syncs instantly from one device to another

Love It!


This product is so convenient!

Love It


I've used Password Genie on my PC for a while, but now I am take all my information with me on my iPhone. Used it yesterday to share my insurance card at the doctor. One less thing for my "Costanza wallet!"

Pretty Lame

Get Up You're Not Hurt

My initial reaction is that this is just a secured contacts list.

Great app!


I always used to forget my passwords, but now I don't have to worry about that. Of course, now if I lose password genie, I'm doomed.

Worth the $$


Everything syncs to my macbook seemlessly!



Great app til I updated. Lost everything! Do not recommend!

I was duped!!!

Silver fox 49

It does not tell you when you sign up for Password Genie, that everything you want to do from that point on has to be done in an Upgrade, which means buy the Upgrade... Not happy at all with the product. It does not give you the opportunity to try the software to see if you like it, before pushing you to Upgrade. Not fair.

My Go-To Resource


I have Password Genie on both my MacBook Pro and iPhone and find myself using it for about everything. My info syncs between my phone and PC seamlessly. I use for saved logins, bookmarks, notes, birthday reminders & info like insurance and frequent flyer #s. For a time saver it allowed me to take a pic of my insurance card and store it under auto insurance.