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WW2 : Battle for Stalingrad

Strive for the victory in WW2 tower defense and defend against the German military forces.
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Battle of Stalingrad has begun! German force has marched towards Stalingrad. Your base is ready to defend against the german menace in this tower defence game

As a commander you have to run a intense military campaign and strike back the German army.
Run your military campaign for the defence of Soviet Union in beautiful city of stalingrad and strive for victory!

World War 2: Battle of Stalingrad

- Intense battles between two opposing forces, the German against the investors of the blitzkrieg welfare, the Soviet
- Remarkable power ups to command from air strikes to heavy cannons.
- Startegic gameplay where you have to fight with tower defence in the city to strike back.
- 18 battle military bases to defend your troops against the German menace.
- 6 upgradable towers to build, each with its unique capabilities, will help you to win the Battle of Stalingrad.
- The German military strength is much more in numbers. So prepare for a lot of enemy troops to fight against.
- Upgrade your towers in the laboratory to stand a chance against the militant forces of the German aggressors


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