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World War 2: Battle of Berlin

Defend against the Soviet military and strive for victory in WW2 tower defense!
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Prepare yourself as the Soviet army is marching towards the capital of Germany, the Battle of Berlin has begun! Red Alert is imminent, the aggressors are already here, defend against the Russian menace as vigorously as you can in this superb tower defense game situated in World War 2 era.

As a commanding officer of the German forces your task is to use blitzkrieg military and strike back to the invading Russian army. Run your military campaign for the defense of Germany, from Siberia to the deserted city of Berlin and strive for victory!

World War 2: Battle of Berlin

Intense TD tower defense with superb military units and characters

- Stunning and intense battles with two opposing forces, the Soviets against the inventors of the blitzkrieg warfare, the Germans
- Various and remarkable militant power ups to command from air strikes to ion cannons
- Strategic Tower Defense gameplay where you have to fight vigorously in the deserted city to strike back and defeat the red alert
- 18 battle military campaign to defend your German troops against the Russian menace
- 6 superb upgradable TD towers to build, each with its unique features will help you win the Battle of Berlin. Wreak havoc with the flame, laser and stunning tesla towers among the Russian soldiers
- The Soviets have their military strengths in their numbers so prepare for a lot of enemy troops to fight against
- Apart from their stunning numbers they have remarkable options of enemy types to wage war with from mecha infantry to aviation units
- Upgrade your towers in the laboratory if you want to stand a chance against the militant forces of the Russian aggressors

Command the German army and strike back vigorously to the Soviet militant troops while building your tower defense for the defense of Berlin.



A few tweaks could be made but fun game overall

World War 2 is a fun defense game.

Nice graphics and quality sound effects round out this top notch tower defense game.

Cool Game

Nice twist to a tower defense game. The cuteness of the Russians almost make me feel bad killing them. Cool extras and add ones for you defenses. All in all a great experience.

OK Game

It's very basic but worth a try since it's free.

WIL Double




Great game bad music
Billy Kay 45

Very enjoyable tower game

Seems good

Just started playing Haven't found anything unique that would make me addicted yet I will update review after I play more

Not bad, just repetitive

There are levels it definitely wants you to go to the store to stock up, just keep replaying and stocking up gold for upgrades. That's really the only repetition, otherwise fun little freemium game.

Decent time killer

Overall a solid tower defense game

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