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Sweet like sugar! MY CANDY SLOTS PARTY is the ultimate and super sweet Candy Slotmachine for your iOs device.
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Games Free Immanitas Entertainment GmbH iPhone, iPad, iPod

It's such a fun and simple way to play slots on your iPhone, iPad or even iPod. Just place your bet, spin the wheel and have fun winning coins.


What a waste of time

I hate this game to the bones. First, no auto bet. Everytime you spin you have to press the bet again. Second, to get payout you have to spend 1,99 dolar. Are you kidding? Third, it actually has ads. One in the bottom, one pop up. This is the worst game I have found. I am not giving one star cause I hope this is due to lack of experience and some glitch in designing game by the developer.

Ahmed Al-Shehri

it's fine app but so hard to win i tried 50 times to win once otherwise it's good as game

Fun app

Played this for almost an hour and was very satisfied.

Easy to play

I like this game because I don't need to use my mind on it. If the earned coins can be redeemed for cash then it is perfect.

Not bad

This is usual slot game, graphics and sound are good.

Candy slots

It's a slots app, nothing else different from other slots apps except there is candy in the machine. May need more improvement to make this game more unique fun to play, I have to say.

interesting game

This game is interesting ,my friend invites me to play,and I find it is so addictive that I can't help stopping!


I'm deeply attracted by this game, it's so exciting and I play it over and over, but would you please change the icons much better?

Not original!

Its too boring! No challenging! I dont like slots games...

Meaningless to me
Liu Jui-Wen

I don't know why I just don't like this game. Maybe because its name including "Candy".

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