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WICKR Pro enables teams and organizations to effectively collaborate in a secure environment built with the world’s most advanced multilayered encryption and persistent ephemerality at its core. On Wickr Pro, teams can create their own private networks in minutes, launch secure ephemeral rooms with multiple level ephemerality for different projects and teams – from 7 days to 1 year.
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PLEASE NOTE, users must be provisioned by an organization’s administrator to begin using Wickr Pro. To sign up as an organization, please reach out to [email protected].

You can use Wickr Pro to:
• Securely message across your team & organization, all messages are end-to-end encrypted and ephemeral, so you are always in control.
• Create secure rooms for your team and projects to collaborate with confidence. Your valuable business information is always protected with multilayered encryption and ephemerality. No third party including Wickr can access your content.
• Share and review files anywhere, on any device. Sending large files (up to 5GB) has never been more secure and easy. Just like messages and rooms, all files and media shared via Wickr Pro are encrypted and expire on your terms.
• Easily search your existing conversations for keywords and files.
• Verify your contacts to ensure you only share information with trusted parties.
• If federation is enabled by your organizations’ admin, communicate securely with other corporate networks on Wickr Pro.


Good program got worse

This was a top notch program until this latest update. They merged rooms with conversations. Now you can’t find anything and pretty much have to create a room for everything. Not nearly as intuitive as it once was. I would suggest they hire new front end developers.

Discontinued Including Wickr Me contacts in Rooms
Crazzy Deena

As of Sunday, May 2020, I have received hundreds of valid Contact complaints: Wickr Me off-network Room members cannot send me even a simple message in my Room. So, they resort to email and phone calls to let me know something is wrong. Basically Wickr Pro + Wickr Pro contacts remain in Rooms. A decent app hence 3 stars. Criticism: excluding Wickr Me app users from Room chat “write” privilege has already caused Wickr Inc LLC to lose app users this month.

Best app ever

It’s very good, people are telling me it’s fantastic.

Borderline unethical

Don’t install this app unless you like apps that don’t let you delete your account. I tried for an hour to figure out how to delete my account on both the iOS app and on my desktop. There is nothing in support, and there is not a support email or form to request assistance. Think twice...

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how to begin a video meeting

how to begin a video meeting,my ipad vioce only.


Full full full of bugs

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Crashes a lot

Functionality is not good, crashes a lot, on iPhone and android no notifications are received. Stay away of this app.

Zo Zo
zo babi

I love it

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