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WICKR SCIF empowers teams to communicate in a highly secure environment. Strong end-to-end encryption and persistent ephemerality are hardcoded in Wickr SCIF to protect your most sensitive conversations on any device.
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On Wickr SCIF, teams can create their own private networks in minutes, launch secure ephemeral rooms, and set the expiration time on projects, messages and file transfers – FROM 10 SECONDS TO 6 DAYS MAXIMUM.

When transmitting valuable, sensitive business information, Wickr SCIF users have full control over the communication channel they use, know exactly who has access to their information, how it is protected, and how long it lives.

PLEASE NOTE, users must be provisioned by an organization’s administrator to begin using Wickr SCIF. To sign up as an organization, please reach out to [email protected].


• End-to-end encrypted messaging
• Secure rooms for projects & teams
• Secure ephemeral file transfer, up to 5 GB \
• Persistent ephemerality: Time-To-Live (TTL) hardcoded to 6-day maximum; ‘Burn-On-Read’ – from 1 minute to 1 day
• Contact verification
• Multi-platform: mobile & desktop
• Network deployment in minutes (to sign up as an admin, contact Wickr [email protected])
• Easy admin controls to provision & de-provision users.


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