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Gallop into a brand new adventure as a beautiful wild Horse! Live wild and free in a gorgeous new world that’s waiting to be explored! Start your own herd and breed, raise, and customize your horses! Scavenge the forest and fields for food, protect your family from predators, and raid the farm for tasty crops!
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Games $0.99 Gluten Free Games LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Brand New Features
You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you're going to survive in the wilderness!

Defend yourself and your entire family from dangerous predators like wolves and cougars! Send your enemies flying through the air, hitting critical touch-based targets, with a super powerful kick!

Help out the locals of the nearby village with tasks like tracking down and returning lost sheep, giving rides to the next town, and collecting plants for the town doctor. You can even challenge your rival horse to a race across the world!

Dominate other horses and recruit them to your herd! Play as any horse in your herd and create a beautiful and powerful family! Every horse now has health, stats, and rankings providing significantly more immersive gameplay!

Breed foals that will grow into beautiful members of your herd! Protect them from predators as and adult and even explore the entire world as your young horse!

Choose your horse's name, gender, style, coat and mane, and even tint them any color of the rainbow to make the herd of your dreams! Customize your coat and mane separately with 15 choices for each there are hundreds of combinations!

Gain experience by finding food, completing missions, and defending your herd against dangerous predators! Level up your horses to increase their stats, earn points to upgrade your horse’s abilities, unlock new colors, and increase the size of your herd!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Dodge Chance, Defense, Run Speed, and much more!

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Whinny and Nicker Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your horse when active!

Skill Points unlock and upgrade special abilities for your horses. Upgrade “Enhanced Senses” to detect nearby predators or “Power Kick” to send your enemies flying through the air!

Unleash a powerful kick to send your enemies flying through the air! All of their limbs will flail realistically with an advanced physics engine powering the world!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset and celestial movement!

Explore an environment so big we had to create three unique homes for your horses to live in! Gallop through the snowy peaks of the Winter Highlands, brave the dangerous forests of the mountains, or assist the towns people in the Wild West with quests!

Discover a massive collection of wildlife! Live along side goat, chicken, fox, deer, crocodile, bear, boar, snake, fish, crow, lynx, cougar, rat, ibex, bat, frog, sheep, wolves and of course Horses!

Everything looks so real you will forget you’re playing a game!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Horse Simulator to experience the exciting life of the most majestic and beautiful animal in the Animal Kingdom, the wild Horse!

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Ten thousand stars
senior sand wreath wisperer

THIS GAME IS EPICNESS!!! I wish I could give it 10 thousand stars. It’s great, I sometimes have bugs and glitches but I don’t really care because it’s so great, I love it and can’t stop playing it, great job creators! You did it really good and the graphics are awesome! #HORSES4LIFE!!!

Idk how to start a herd or have a foal

So I love this game so far... but I really don’t know how to have a foal or a herd witch I really want to. If any one knows how to do this please tell me I’m getting really confused. Otherwise this game is amazing totally worth the one dollar and I really recommend it. 5 in a half star fo sho

Nice but..
Ray loves dinosaurs

It’s a good game. The graphics are kinda nice. But the plot it isn’t that great. Once you play it you’re in 5 minutes of the game and it just gets boring. It would be cool if we could add friends and start a herd together but you can’t. It gets very boring. I don’t think it was worth the money. I think it should be free. This is just my opinion. I still don’t think it’s worth the money. Sorry but delete!

Please read this before you get it

This game is wonderful but I can only gallop and walk. The glitches are funny but need to be fixed and please fix the graphics to. The camera isn’t very good and the limit on were you can go is very irritating. And there is NO difference if your a foal or not so that to is irritating. I can’t DO anything except for run around and find SUPER boring quests. Please add some people that want to catch you but not to many so it adds some fun and make it so it holds kids attention PLEASE! Other than that I love this game! So I’m sorry to give this game such a low score but THIS IS IMPORTANT! So please fix this then I will give you a better review/rating. PLEASE!! I’m sorry for being so negative but it’s true.

Cool but...

Hi I LOVE this game but... please add some directions because I would like to know how to make a family thank you


I just want one or two things added to this game. Firstly I would like there to be a button so you can poop. Secondly I would like there to be a button so you can pee. Thank you.

I love this game

This game is amazing and you should get it.

The best horse ? in the world!!!!!
Neonis ?

This is the best horse ever!!

It’s A Terrible App, I Would Really Like A TAME Horse Simulator

I like the concept, but maybe you could remake it where you can be a TAME horse? Also, you have to walk WAY to far to the lake, and by that time my horse is dying of thirst. Can you fix that?

Where’s my manatee simulator review?
Vicious lizard

Where is my manatee simulator review. Did you delete it? STOP DELETING MY REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GETTING SICK AND TIRED OF DEVELOPERS DELETING MY REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DELETE MY REVIEWS AGAIN ILL KEEP GIVING YOU ONE STARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I’m pretty sure it was somewhere in ultimate Dinosaur simulator. Bring back my manatee simulator review. Dear players if the developers keep deleting your reviews give them a one star and give them mean reviews. Thanks for reading. P.S for the developers. STOP DELETING MY REVIEWS YOU BULLIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!