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Pick your favorite breed and live the life of a Stray Dog! Survive in a massive city filled with dangerous dogs and feisty cats! Build your dog pack, dig up buried bones, and battle for your life against German Shepherds, Huskies, and Labradors!
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Games $0.99 Gluten Free Games LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Game Features
You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy if you're going to survive the harsh life of a wild dog on the street!

Use your powerful bite to defend your territory and fight your enemies! Cause too much trouble and the city will call the dog catcher to steal a dog from your pack!

Dominate other dogs and recruit them to your pack! With up to 5 additional dogs, 9 breeds, and 3 alternate colors, every pack will be unique!

For the first time you can choose the breed of your starting dog. Even better you can switch and play as any dog in your pack and level them up individually!

Gain experience by defeating dangerous enemies, eating food from the trash, and completing missions. Level up your dogs to increase their health and attack damage, and increase the size of your pack!

Introducing two new mission types, "Mark your Territory" and "Can You Dig It?”, to the unlimited missions and over two dozen achievements to give you a boost of experience! With the level cap increased to 200, you’ll need all the help you can get!

Introducing a brand new procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, and celestial movement. Realistic storms will bring a downpour of rain, flashes of lightning and booms of thunder!

Your dog is free to roam a massive open-world environment that is more than triple the size of the previous simulators! Busy city streets, wide-open parks, white-fenced neighborhoods, and beachfront fairgrounds!

Brand new intuitive controls let you navigate your animal like never before! Pinch to zoom and play from your dog's perspective or get a bird's eye view of the action!

Pick your favorite breed! Customize your dog pack with any dogs you’d like from the vast selection: Bulldog, Dalmatian, Doberman, German Shepherd, Jack Russell Terrier, Labrador, Greyhound, Dachshund and Husky!

Look to your handy survival guide for information on breeds, a map of the world, achievement progress, and much more!

Stunning High Definition graphics bring a bustling city to life! New Graphics Quality options allow you to customize the game to look amazing and perform great on any device!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Stray Dog Simulator to experience the exciting life of a stray dog surviving on the streets!

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I didn’t keep this app long enough to have puppies. First thing: GLITCHES. They are scary and weird. They include: -Dogs hanging from the ceiling -Dogs or cats having the wrong profile -Game crashing when I hit "bond" -Bad graphics -Being able to walk right through structures like they are water Also, I think it is UNREALISTIC and UNFAIR that practically every dog attacks you. And sometimes if they attack you they will sometimes disappear and then HANG FROM THE CEILING and you can't attack them so you can't defeat them. Also, all you do is find food and fight. Starting a family takes a long time and only if you put up with the game long enough. So I don't want to write that much but one thing I really want that I don't find in a lot of your games is to be able to have puppies whenever. Also, I wish there was a bigger map and that you had more homes or could choose to make any place you're home.

Great game but a thought gamer 101 260

Hi everyone! I absolutely love this game ? but here’s a thought I just wanted you to do and something’s that need to be fixed please read this review: A thought: I think you should add puppies and that you could name your dogs: Needs to be fixed: Whenever I get level 80 my screen gets so close to the dog I can’t see so I can’t play I got upset about that please fix this issue:Needs to be fixed: I’m not getting attacked by anything and I’m still taking damage why in the world am I taking 120 damage to nothing: Needs to be fixed: Oh no I gotta hide but I can’t hide because the dogs attacking me fly over the object I’m hiding behind: Needs to be fixed: How come when I’m in my house I’m hearing dogs and boom once again a dog flys over the object but this time it’s over my house and it gets into it now I have to walk out of my house just to get rid of it so I can live in peace: A thought: I think the levels should be lower to get your pack: first dog you need to be level 5: second dog you need to be level 10: third dog you need to be level 15: fourth dog you need to be level 25: last dog you need to be level 40 doesn’t that seem fair?: Needs to be fixed: Please make it where the dog follows you and when it gets stuck it can jump it needs to be able to jump not talking about my dog the pack dogs my dogs in my pack get stuck and they teleport to you even when there not stuck they still teleport please make it where they follow you normally and not teleporting to you also please make it where they jump: A thought: I think you should add bosses to this game Stray Dog Simulator: If you read this I’m sorry for the long read but if you read this I would love for you to do these things thank you ☺️oh also please fix the dogs faces the regular bulldog looks very ugly it looks like it has not eyes also the black Labradors eyes look black it also looks like they have no eyes good for camouflaging in the dark but please fix the eyes

Storm and the dog catcher

Storm's Parents Had Many Pups. But They had so many, they couldn't take care of all of them, so they Gave a few to their friends. All the puppies got homes, But There weren't enough. One pup was a husky named Storm. They abandoned her in the city. So She Lived on the streets. One day, a German shepherd about her age, met her, soon they bonded, As she grew older, she bonded with many other dogs. but one day, Storm went out to get some food from the garbage cans. She Saw one. LOADED WITH FOOD! Storm Was About To knock it over when--ARF! ARF! A Labrador Noticed Storm! It Wanted to FIGHT! They Were Biting each other like rabid wolves! But A Man Noticed Them Fighting. So He Called The Dog Catcher... When The Labrador Was Defeated. It Ran Away Howling. Awhoooooooooo! Soon, Storm Saw A Green Truck Heading Towards Her! IT WAS THE DOG CATCHER!!! Storm And Her Pack Ran Towards the dog catcher! They Pounced Onto Him. Attacking Him. "Grrrrrrrrrrr!!!"He Ran Away. He Was Too Scared To Capture Any Dog Again. And Storm Never Heard from the dog catcher again! THE END!

Actual things I like about it

Okay so it's wolffluff again! So it's weird but it's part of my role play were I have a German shepherd’s life as a stray dog but he has always had housebreaking problems and his mate turned out to be a small dashund with light fur and darker spots. His pack is growing every day and I love how some roleplays are about animals with special needs or deformities or problems that stay with them their whole life! It also shows that the world is filled with crazy things that have been created by the creatures u would least expect to create! Anyways also a lot of good pixel animal games played on YouTube are by the following name I list: Seri! Pixel Biologist Anyways thanks for reading!

It's ok. ??‍♀️but...
ice girl 2000❄️❄️❄️

OML it SO annoying when it lags.?? and cute!❤️????????

Love but I have good ideas! (Please read developer)

I would like there to be more dogs and a bigger city and you can go inside the buildings. And make it less boring(sorry)


So I don't want to right that much but one thing I really want that I don't find in a lot of your games is to be able to have puppies whenever. Also, I wish there was a bigger map and that you had more homes or could choose to make any place you're home.

Super fun but a couple small issues..

I really like the survival theme of this app. I also like how the city is so huge and fun to explore. But this game is also a Lag Simulator as well as a stray dog sim. It lags. Sometimes very badly. Also there are WAY too many other dogs in the city. Since when do cities have fifteen dogs roaming one street? Because of the stunning amount of other dogs it is hard to get food or water or even explore without being attacked by ten dogs on the way. Cut back on the dogs a little bit, pls... thanks! But this is a fun game for killing time. I would recommend it but you may need to be patient with the lag and the millions of dogs that always seem to be running down your tail. ?

Nothing wrong

I see all these reviews and I’m like oh don’t get it but when I really think I have all these toys if game and never had a single problem so I haven’t got it yet I’m sure it’s fun but I love dogs there everything to me but I haven’t played yet and I know it’s gonna be good??

More please
More realistic stuff please

I love this game, but I was thinking maybe you could make it more realistic like when the dog catcher catches you, instead of "killing you" maybe they could actually catch you, bring you to a shelter and then you get put into a cage. When a family or a person comes and looks at you, the shelter people could bring you to an actual room for those people to try to get to know you. But then you could try escaping if you wanted to. Also I want to the people to act more realistic. I want them to pet you when you come up to them, or give you treats. I also want them to talk and laugh and act more real. I want kids to be in this game to, so families look more like families, instead of all adults. Also I would really love if you went up to other strays that they didn't attack you right away. I would like them to leave you alone unless you attacked them. And finally I would like it if you could go in places, like the store or restaurant or other building to try to cause chaos. Oh yea... I would also love love love it if you could make it so you can have puppies whenever. I don't want to have the level thing where you get one dog every like ten levels. I want you to be able to breed whenever you want, and I want to be able to be the puppies once they are born, so you could see what it's like to be a puppy. Thank you, and please work on these things:)