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Discover a long lost prehistoric world and rule over it as an all mighty Dinosaur! Travel back to a time when monstrous carnivores roamed the Earth and exotic plant life filled dangerous jungles! For the first time ever, choose from TEN PLAYABLE DINOSAURS! Hunt down food, raise a family of dinos, and battle for your life against fierce bosses like the Spinosaurus!
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Games $0.99 Gluten Free Games LLC iPhone, iPad, iPod

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Brand New Features
You'll need to maintain your health, hunger, thirst, and energy while ruling over your dinosaur’s ancient territory!

For the first time ever, you can choose from multiple animals in a single game! Become any of ten famous dinosaurs and mammals like the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor, Sabertooth Tiger, or even choose a flying dinosaur like the Pterodactyl or a swimming dinosaur like Mosasaurus! Each species has their own families, experience, and levels!

Test your skills against SIX thrilling boss battles! A massive spined creature lurks in the murky water of the swamp! Engage in battle with the legendary Plesiosaur to claim dominance over it’s waters!

Dominate other dinosaurs and recruit them to your pack! Customize and play as any Dinosaur in your pack and create a powerful family of predators!

Breed baby dinos that will grow into powerful members of your pack! Care for you eggs while they are hatching and then play as your new baby dinosaur!

Choose your dino's name, appearance, skills, and attributes to complement your pack members and become a more powerful group!

Gain experience by defeating dangerous enemies, caring for your family, and completing missions! Level up your dinosaurs to increase their health and attack damage, earn points to upgrade your dinosaur’s stats, and increase the size of your pack!

Stat Points can be used to provide bonus’s to traits like Health, Critical Attack Chance, Run Speed, and much more!

Buff Points can be used to upgrade your Roar and Snarl Buffs, which create temporary Stat Boosting auras around your dinosaur when active!

Your prey now realistically dangles from your claws as you carry them!

Procedural weather system with unique storms, clouds, sunrise, sunset and the return of the cataclysmic Extinction Meteor Shower!

Rule over a world so big we created FIVE unique lairs for your dinosaurs to live in! Explore snow covered mountains, dense jungles, murky swamplands, beaches, and even hunt underwater!

Hunt down jurassic animals like the T. Rex, Raptor, Brachiosaurus, Pterodactyl, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Allosaurus, Sabertooth Tiger, Mastodon, Plesiosaur, Spinosaurus, Mosasaurus, Gastornis, Parasaurolophus, Compsagnathus, and more!

If you are of age or have your parents permission, turn on the BRAND NEW blood effects for added combat ferocity!

With all of our games you will always get the full game with no ads or additional purchases!

Download the Ultimate Dinosaur Simulator to transport yourself to the Jurassic era and survive in a world of gigantic predators as an all mighty Dinosaur!

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Amazing game! But some suggestions.

Hi! I absolutely love your games! I have some suggestions for you on this game though, and I really hope you ever get the time to read this review. I really think your dinosaur should be able to swim. All dinosaurs can swim (I think. At least all of them in the game can) but the dinosaurs in here just walk through the water! It would be a lot more realistic if you could actually swim. I also would like some random islands around the map that you could swim/fly to. They could also have new dens and stuff. Also I would like if you could have some dinosaurs climb. This might be too hard to do because not all of the dinosaurs in the game should be able to climb. But dinosaurs like the velociraptor could probably climb (I’m not talking about crazy mountains or anything insane like that). It would also be cool if you could have special attacks. For example for a T-Rex, they could latch onto the enemies neck and sling them around like the dinosaurs did in fights like in Jurassic Park/World. This may be too much for you do get done, but I think it would improve the downloads and reviews in this game! Thank you so much if you take this into consideration!

Apocalypse glitch
redsushi gaming

It is one of the best simulator games I’ve played in a while but during the apocalypse my game crashes and I have to restart the game and never get to finish please fix in the next update

I can’t find my den
litten rules

I love this game in all but I can’t find my den does anybody have help cuz I need it

Good game??
the trail is the best

Okay this game is pretty awesome with a big map and interesting boss battles I really enjoy gluten free games ??

You need more kids

I think you should be able to lay more eggs ? maybe 2 or 3 to have a bigger pack and to make the game more realistic I love the game though bye!

Uh...I can’t even get to den!

When ever I try to change my dinosaur it asks me to go to den.uh... how do you? I’m a noob. Nothing else. It’s good.

Nice game but some suggestions

I REALLY want to ad a parasaurolophus it’s my favorite dinosaur!??

It’s ok

I love this game. It is super fun but there is one problem. I think in the beginning you could choose what dinosaur you want to be and after you choose you have to unlock the other dinosaur. The dinosaur I want to be is unlocked at level 20. I have been playing this game for 2 hours now and I’m only a level 11. I’d rate this game 5 stars if you were allowed to choose the dinosaur you want to be.


IM SRRY BUT SRISLY ? I DONT GET ALL THIS LAGGING ITS REALLY ANOYYING PLS UPDATE NOW!!!!!! It's like I'm walking sideways after like 30 seconds because I can't move the screen! Also I die frequently because I am so weak and sometimes I get stuck in front of a tree or something! I really don't wanna be mean or nasty or anything but it just needs some major improvements. Good graphics though

Awsome but..

Its A GREAT game, seriously. I Only have one tiny problem, when I go to settings in the menu and press the option “HIGH” in “QUALITY” the game screen goes all black. So please I beg you fix this bug in the next update, thanks!