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I spent more than two years to create this game which enables players to drive a train following signals and based on precise physics culculation while other trains run simultaneously according to timetables.
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Games $3.99 TAKAHIRO ITO iPhone, iPad, iPod

There are 37 sets of Tobu trains and 7 of others running on lines of some 40 kilomters.

You are to drive precisely and safe.
The ATS game--
replicates actual operations of switch rails, signals and crossing gates.
reproduces passing loop on a single line, train overtaking, and stop signals before arriving at terminals.
uses transition curves on railroads to offer very gradual curve.
gives you general idea of how signals and safety equipment work.
lets players know why it takes extra time during rush hour.

This is a work of fiction. Train lines and stations are used fictiously. Any resemblance to actual locales is entirely coincidental.


Love it!
francesca marchetto

It is like your standing in front of a train so I give it a 5 star!

Needs the update

The whole ATS series is great! Hoping for a 4 or new additions to the current ones!

Opinion on Train Drive ATS
Pelle Schultz

So I’ve played this game for over 6 years now (when the lite version was still available) and I was fascinated by the graphics of the game. It made it look like a special train game on the App Store. But there were 2 problems when I played the full version. 1 When a new update came, I would sometimes lose access to the trains in this and 2, which would result in deleting the app and replaying the scenarios in order to have access to them again. 2 The map and sound effects seem to glitch often, at least for someone using an iPhone 8 like me. Please fix this ASAP if you can. Other than those problems, I enjoyed playing this game, as well as Train Drive ATS 2 & 3. But if there’s one thing I’d ask for, more stations/lines for this game and 2 and a 4th game. Thank you ;)

Needs the update

The game works great as always. But the additions (Special Express Spacia Train & Bushu-Fujiwara train) needs to be updated for the new iOS.

Train’s are great

I like train ats it is the best out of all the others made out there

Outside train station
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Basically Disappointed

Great Game over all but it was so much better with the Commuter Limited Exp.

Needs more tracks

Great game but I wish you can drive on the other tracks.

this is nice


At least

Perfect game