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Train simulator TrainDriveATS, of which free and shared versions have surpassed more than 4 million downloads, will return for brand new series, TrainDriveATS 2.
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Games $6.99 TAKAHIRO ITO iPhone, iPad, iPod

Enjoy TrainDriveATS 2 with higher volume and quality, three additional existing Japanese train cars, quadruple tracks and expanded routes and railroad sceneries.

Please note that TrainDriveATS 2 is available on iOS7 and later, different from TrainDriveATS.

Additional contents
A 39 km of railroad with two branch lines in addition to a main line. Quadruple tracks are also added.
More realistic motor sounds and train movements and performance.
50 train sets run every 2 minutes during rush hour with more complicated signal changes.
Replicates existing signaling system with partly original.
 Additional buildings and rail roadscenaries

Existing elements were kept unchanged
replicates actual operations of switch rails, signals and crossing gates. 
reproduces passing loop on a single line, train overtaking, and stop signals before arriving at terminals. 
uses transition curves on railroads to offer very gradual curve. 
gives you general idea of how signals and safety equipment work. 
lets players know why it takes extra time during rush hour. 
Route design based on Japanese railroad laws and regulations

Player to drive assigned train car. When cleared, player may start a new scenario.
After cleared all scenarios, player may choose train car from more than 500 cars.
Training mode for practicing stopping train at stations on uphill and downhill, as well as flat ground.


Love it

Best mobile train game ever!

Love this app!

I have all three (ATS 1,2,&3) and enjoy all of them! Hope there’s more to come!


can someone make a trainDriveATS 4 pls

Expand the line!

This game is so cool but it would be great if it was expanded, add new stations or make new lines on this game.

Awesome ?

I'm loving the updated announcements. However, I am curious if quadruple tracks are apart of the new construction in order to extend the express track service between Inagi-Shiyakusho and Momura. If so, that would be amazing!!

Great game with bugs

I hate to slam a game with such depth and an immersive experience with a non five star review, but this game is filled with a fair amount of bugs. These bugs are as follows- -Changing the camera in FREE mode stops announcement sounds. I am unsure if this is intensional, but announcements do not reoccur until promoted again. This also seems to possibly glitch the sound effects of other trains slightly. -This game, as well as the first game, is no longer iPad compatible. Although the first time you play the game on an iPad device it’s works well and runs like a charm (I somewhat prefer it on an iPad), the next time you launch the app, it ruins the rendering aspect ratio that it still fits the screen, but it shows everything squished-like. I do run this game on iOS 12 instead of 13 (haven’t updated/may not be compatible with iOS 12), so it may impact the way it works. -The map can freeze and mildly glitch. Although the map will always show where the trains are, the map can 1. Show trains as the incorrect type or number, or 2. Show trains that no longer exist. These two errors seem to appear randomly. Despite these bugs, this game is very solid in the simulation category. It successfully emulates an experience of driving a train line in a fictional part of japan, mimicking real safety systems, signals, and operations. It accurately depicts rush hour delays and overcrowding. All of these extra parts that exceed expectations save this game from being more affected by the bugs. Overall, this game is very good and is an outstanding train simulation game. I recommend this game to anyone who would like a challenge in simulation, or anyone who is a train enthusiast or has played a realistic train sim (Hmmsim, BVE, etc.).

Make more trains

I love the game but I get bored seeing the same trains. I want like high speed trains freight trains that are from japan to make it more fun. Please do it to make my brother have fun on the game.He just says it’s boring because he sees the same trains.I want more kinds of trains and ats 1 trains to have a bigger train line please do it please soon as you can. Do it next update please please please please do this and I am giving you a 5 Star ad more train ats 1 trains

Great game

Always wanted to be a train operator and this is by far the best train simulator game I’ve ever seen or played in my life would be nice to have a train operator view and maybe some customers waiting at the stations but would def love to drive my own A train line in NYC lol

I love it

This game is the most best Train simulator on ios and this game is not a waste of your money

Love this app!

Just downloaded the latest update. Glad to see it still gets attention. Question: on the routes, what is the last one? It’s completely in Japanese, and doesn’t really do anything when you select it. Is that supposed to be a new route?