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Train Drive ATS is paid iOS app published by TAKAHIRO ITO

Basically Disappointed


Great Gram over all but it was so much better with the Commuter Limited Exp.

2 stars


Here is what I think: I only have one track that I can play, no matter how you drive, you still get negative points which doesn't make any sense. One train, one track, even if you stop where you suppose to and keep the speed limit. Is there any other tracks? I was actually looking for a good game but now I don't think it's worth $10 since I only have one train and same track. If someone know how to get other tracks, please let me know.

Great JDM Train Sim


Worth it. If you like Densha De Go!/Train Simulator/Railfan/etc you'll like this game. I'm not a train conductor but it feels good compared to other 'real' sims. The signal lights actually respond to your trains position/timing/etc. It also has nice touches like a G-Meter(on the right side of the screen), brake gauge and power gauge, slope percentage, and each stop has its own music, too! Gfx could be better but everything else makes up for it. Practicing is easy and stress free. If you're messing up you don't run out of points, you just keep accumulating negative pts. then at the end you see your total score. Apparantly a single person made this game. Considering everything this game does, they did an outstanding job!


tarik haywood

More routes! More trains! More everything. This is seriously the best game i played. I want more things to do tho.

What Happened


The previous version had more available routes to drive. Now theres only 2 and the controls for ipad are bad. Please fix

Great game


Great game. Just need to make the controls on iPad screen bigger.

The best app!

iPhone user 1000

Seriously this is the best game on the iTunes Store, even made me book a trip to Japan because of it. Keep up the great work!

Great Japanese Train Sim


I was looking for app like GoDensha for iOS for long time. Keep it up. Concentrate on Japanese routes first. Looking forward to seeing more routes like in Tokyo routes, Subway, or even Shinkansen routes.

Best Train Simulator in App Store.. with a bug.


Best train simulator in the App Store. It comes with pre planned routes or free drive. I wish there was a bullet train version but this will do. The only caveat I ran into is a signal issue on one of the routes (4019; 6th station) that comes to a standstill where head on train is waiting to access the platform that I'm unable to vacate with a red signal.

The lie

Bryan strehl