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The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG is free iOS app published by Bethesda Softworks LLC

Pure crap


Do not get this game for any reason !!! Just like everything from Bethesda these days it’s money making grind and as a matter a fact this game is pure BS. You will be thinking to yourself why am I playing this where there is so many games I can enjoy.

BS ring


The ring of Mana should be removed, everytime my enemy gets it(100% solo arena games he gets it ) I lose the match

Pathetic joke of a game

All Time Almond

Won’t ever support this company on any platform ever. Sparklypanties lol what an idiotic name! So many cheaters that have a deck full of guards, lethal etc. you will never get past level 8 unless you’re a cheater or pay tons of money. Haha and now there’s a way you can be guarded to go into the negative hit points and still be alive? What a complete joke this game has become. Only thing to know is that this game is complete trash. Unless you pay this shady developer tons of money you’ll get matched up with opponents with wayyyyyy superior decks that you’ll never win against. If you support this game you’re a sad person.

Please fix!


Dudes! I love this game but when I’m making a deck I can’t hold my finger on a card to see what it is! This is killing me and if it doesn’t get fixed I know I will end up quitting out of frustration!

Amazing game


This was my first card game. I’m usually a grind-it-out strategy RPG guy but I gave this a try almost two years ago. I legit have logged in every day since and play as often as I can. I’m an exclusively mobile player as well. I can’t say enough good things. After a content drought and developer switch, the game hasn’t been better. Can be 100% F2P if you put in time (not that much though). I’ve supported the game through various promotion or expansions but haven’t spent more than $25. It’s rewarding, challenging and just a blast to play. Community is welcoming and helpful plus the competitive scene is ramping up. Get into this game now!

This new release is terrible


These new cards added to the game are too op. What kind of nonsense is it to make a creature card that has an ability to exalt itself in order for the player playing the card not lose the game no matter how low life points are. This wax and wane ability is stupid and flawed. The game released pre made decks that allow people to just play them and go far in ranked play. This is nonsense. If you’re going to release decks that are made to win in high ranked play then what’s the point of building a deck? This update ruined the game and made cards too op.

The game is ruined with updates


Unfair advantages to certain types of decks namely red or blue makes the game unenjoyable for those wishing to play the other 4 types of decks. It has become a smash and grab type game as they dismantle the strengths of the other 4 types via changing card values or card plays. The only decks I see get into the top 3 tiers of ranking and stay there are blue and red typically which tend to be a very annoying play type as it’s becomes less about what cards do and more about just hitting the opponent as hard and fast as you can. In a real physical card game when you have a physical card you get to keep it even if it’s amended later for other players for starting as a player early on. Congrats on making a bunch of new decks but don’t punish the elder players. Let’s see how life goes on with out this game, I just deleted it for these reasons.



This game is bull. I’ve been playing it for ever since it’s been out and have been getting screwed on it ever since. I love elder scrolls but the game just screws you. Try it for yourself but the system isn’t random. I’ve beeen playing long enough to know what random is and it’s bull.

Keeps glitching


Subpar game play. No issues until recently updated. Keeps skipping my turns, significant in game lag time. No way to contact developer for fix. Do not waste money! If I could I would give lower rating.

The Forgotten Hero: Chapter 20


Is it just me or is Chapter 20 freakishly hard? I have tried multiple of my strongest colors but nothing seemed to budge. I can hardly attack with anything. If anyone could help me, that’d be great thanks.