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The Target App brings you the best of our stores and All the tools you need to plan, find, and save are now front and center. Purchase items and choose to ship to your home, pick up in a store, or make a shopping list and locate products in your favorite Target. It’s fast, easy and convenient.
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Continuous Updates
We are working hard to build an even better experience across key features. Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements to enable registry search, TargetLists and mobile giftcards. Thanks for your patience!

Love deals? View the latest products and deals from our stores and Page through the Weekly Ad, browse Cartwheel, or find price cuts available in your store.

Prepare your next Target run with ease. Build your shopping list by adding items quickly with type-ahead or launch the barcode scanner to add items as you run out. When you’re in store, tap on any red aisle icon to see the product location on a map of the store.

Search or browse our entire assortment. Check store availability and choose to pick up in store, ship to your home or add to your shopping list. Maps are available chain-wide to locate the product within any store. Find product prices, ratings and reviews and other product details.

Build a cart or use express checkout for a single item purchases – the Target app makes it easy to place an order securely in no time.

Apple Pay
Use iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ to pay in an easy, secure, and private way with a single touch. Note: Apple Pay is not supported in stores.

Apple Watch App
Make your next trip more efficient and even a little more fun. The Target app makes it easy to build a shopping list on your Apple Watch. When you’re in the store, it tells you where to find all the items you need.

When using Apple Watch outside of a Target store, add to list is the primary action in the menu. Add items to your shopping list, including quantity. Say “comma” between items to add several at a time. You can also add items within the list using Force Touch. Check items off the list as you shop. Any updates made will be reflected on iPhone. Enable location or set a store on iPhone to display aisle locations for items on the list. If location is enabled, aisles will update when you enter any Target store.

Locate Item
When using Apple Watch inside of a Target store, locate item is the primary action in the menu. Ask where to find an item to see aisle location and department.

Check the Target Glance to see when your store is open, how many items are on your list, and how many have deals available.


In store prices no longer working

Ever since the last update the in store price check features don’t work anymore. I only see online only prices no matter what item I scan or what store I visit.

Laura Missy

Website and app are great! Love that I can order in stock items and pick up at the store

Error code

Since update error code “{"accessDenied":""}” keeps showing

F**k RedCard

Every time I get up to the cash register... EVERY TIME... there is some issue with processing my transaction. Then I have to come back later and do the whole grocery trip over again with my bank card.

access denied

Why can't I use the app while on a VPN?

It’s so easy!

Love it💕

Errors and timing out

Shopping in store last week and the scan for price tool kept giving an error that the item I was searching for or scanning was no longer available or sold. Also, I am trying to currently, and every time I go to price compare products, the app keeps timing out and it is overall very very slow regardless of WiFi or cellular service connection, most of the time I’ve had to exit before receiving results because it’s taking so long.

iPad support HOORAY!!

Finally I can enjoy the app and shop through my iPad. Thank you!!

Receiving access denied errors

This error keeps popping up while using the app. Hopefully it can be fixed in the next update as I enjoy using this app. Normally, it’s pretty easy to use and convenient whenever I go to Target.

App is Glitching or ???

Can’t purchase anything now through the app. Products keep coming up as not able to ship to my address when I’ve had no issues in the past. Billing address won’t let me update and for some unknown reason it defaulted to the shipping address and absolutely won’t let me fix it. Won’t bring up PayPal either to pay. The most aggravating experience ever. I’ve called customer service multiple times and that also proved fruitless. Makes me not want to shop at Target.